Mutasa-Makone antics reflect open contempt


Dear Editor
I have been trying to work out the motive behind Didymus Mutasa’s unprecedented behaviour lately and have come to the conclusion that the man is being driven more by bitterness than anything else.
His unsuccessful bid for the vice-presidency has turned him into a rabid rebel bent on demonstrating the extent of his political influence — at the expense of peace and justice.
What is so damaging to President Mugabe is that Mutasa (Minister of State for Presidential Affairs) now uses the broad but obscure mandate of the Presidential Affairs ministry to subject those he does not like to verbal and physical torture.
His utterances concerning the law and the police are typical of a politician hell-bent on exercising power at any cost!
Never before have the virulent and destructive politics of entitlement been more evident than when — with that misguided element Theresa Makone (MDC-T co-Home Affairs minister) in tow — he attempted to spring his two relatives from custody by decrying the conditions in the police cells.
These are the very same cells to which he has himself condemned so many Zimbabweans during his tenure when he headed the State Security ministry, under whose jurisdiction the operations of the Central Intelligence Organisation fall.
Mutasa proved that George Orwell was right when he wrote his novel Animal Farm; the shoe was now on Squealer’s foot!
Just how long can we as Zimbabweans continue to be subjected to the kind of political skullduggery? Mutasa will respond by saying: “For as long as I am in politics…” and it’s difficult to dismiss the possibility of this situation being perpetuated, given the way things are happening in this country.
The naivety of Theresa Makone in rushing to Mutasa’s side can only negate the wishes of those who want to see justice and fairness prevailing in this country.
That this very wayward behaviour is being allowed by the MDC-T leadership goes to show how emaciated the opposition in this country has become.
They appear rudderless, bewildered and inept to the point of being totally irrelevant. They are increasingly identifying with the corrupt elite in Zanu PF and supping from the same bowl.
The same contempt for the people that Zanu PF has exhibited over the years is now brazenly evident within the ranks of the MDC-T.
So the Mutasas of this world can sleep easy at night knowing that they enjoy the support of the likes of Makone, whose aiding and abetting of such heinous breaches of the rule of law leave the electorate angry and confused.

Nervous Madekufamba