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Understanding diversity through deaf culture

They believe that being deaf is not a medical condition, but a cultural difference that stands out in terms of its belief systems and normative practices
By Nicholas Aribino 6h ago
Misogyny, cyberbullying and toxicity in Zim politics
Misogyny, cyberbullying and toxicity in Zim politics
The ascension of young women to top posts should be celebrated as a beacon of hope for posterity. It should signify progress in dismantling patriarchal norms.
By Faith Zaba Sep. 28, 2023
Introduce a diaspora ministry
Your Excellency, in view of the tainted legitimacy of your Presidency, methinks it would be a positive turning point towards statesmanship if you were to embrace the diasporas.
By Cyprian Muketiwa Ndawana Sep. 27, 2023
Identifying problem key to building resilient food systems
Economically empowered youths will not have time to participate in polarising politics.
By Charles Dhewa Sep. 27, 2023
Call for systematic transformation to achieve gender parity
To close this gap, concerted effort is key and the region will take over a decade to achieve such.
By Farai Nhekairo Sep. 26, 2023
Let’s remember PWDs in HIV fight
To effectively collect and utilise disaggregated disability-sensitive data, collaboration and partnerships are key.
By Tafadzwa Maseva Sep. 26, 2023
Letters: A review of the August 23 elections
While the ruling Zanu PF party may argue that the elections were free and fair due to lack of widespread violence, we must not allow ourselves to be deceived by this façade.
By AMH Voices Sep. 25, 2023
Decoding intellectual disability and mental illness
People who seem to have lost touch with reality in Zimbabwe are, unfortunately, labelled as ZIMCARE, but the question is: Does ZIMCARE mean mental illness or psychosis?
By Nicholas Aribino Sep. 25, 2023
What new ideas can an 81-year-old leader have?
As a matter of fact, it becomes even more bizarre when the sitting President is actually believed to be plotting the removal of term limits from the country’s Constitution.
By Tendai Ruben Mbofana Sep. 25, 2023
A world where deaf people everywhere can sign anywhere
Deaf and hard of hearing people are at greater risk of marginalisation because of economic, environmental and institutional discrimination which exclude them from socio-economic activities.
By Tawanda Matende and Adiel Jasi Sep. 24, 2023
The Law accuses and incriminates
The Law and the prophets (whose prophecy was on the basis of the Law) stand aloof while we’re being freed by Grace.
By Erasmus Makarimayi Sep. 23, 2023
Digital Digest: It’s time to remove the print corset
Digital storytelling can only thrive if the print corset is removed. The content and its impact must be the focus for the (paying) readership.
By Dietmar Schantin Sep. 23, 2023
Customer care skills for govt offices
The quality of services in government offices has been a thorn in the flesh and that includes parastatal offices and city councils. The service is deplorable for lack of a better word.
By Jonah Nyoni Sep. 23, 2023
How regulating Online Gambling Benefits the players
A regulated casino will also have a clear and transparent data privacy policy, and report any potential breaches immediately.Customer Support and Dispute Resolution
By Newsday Sep. 23, 2023
Mutapa Fund: The looting machine
Zimbabwe has travelled this journey before of bundling and unbundling parastatals, but the same result has been yielded — failure.
By Paidamoyo Muzulu Sep. 23, 2023
Government should bring Harare's City Parking, Easy Park to order
We cannot allow ourselves to be abused by a few City Parking thugs who are bent on making super profits. Stop it!
By Johannes Marisa Sep. 22, 2023
Transforming lives: The CAUSEWAY agribusiness boost
Hence, the project complements the Zimbabwe National Development Strategy 1’s goal to restore food self-sufficiency and restore the country’s role as a regional breadbasket.
By Karen Whitney Maturure Sep. 22, 2023
Winning elections is just the beginning
The transition from campaigning to governing is a crucial phase requiring a shift in mindset and approach.
By Brighton Taruberekera Sep. 21, 2023
Whither Zimbabwe?
Now it is clear why Zanu PF did not have an election manifesto as family and clan considerations took precedence over the national purpose for Cabinet ministers.
By Trevor Ncube Sep. 21, 2023
A nation at crossroads
As I see it, the moral imperative that is conspicuous by its absence is that of accountability and credibility. Yet, this era of uncertainty warrants conscientious leadership.
By Cyprian Muketiwa Ndawana Sep. 20, 2023
Value of connecting seed fairs, seed banks and mass markets
The way some food commodities are demanded in the mass markets is the same way some seed varieties are asked for in the market as farmers look for seed and other inputs.
By Charles Dhewa Sep. 20, 2023
The post-election crisis in Zimbabwe – what’s to be done now?
As with all elections since 2000, the 2023 Zimbabwe’s harmonised elections have ended in dispute.
By Ibbo Mandaza and Tony Reeler Sep. 19, 2023
Of Zim regime’s crookedness and Western puppets
When the government prints hordes of Zimdollars to buy hard currency on the black market, anyone who exposes these shenanigans is branded a “puppet of the West”.
By Tendai Ruben Mbofana Sep. 19, 2023
Safety considerations on our roads
I am using the word froward to describe the antagonistic and aggressive behaviour of drivers I encounter when driving along the streets of Harare.
By Tororiro Isaac Chaza Sep. 19, 2023
Live dealer Casinos for Zimbabwe
Each site has a license that comes with regulations. These regulations make it comply with being transparent to its players.
By Newsday Sep. 18, 2023
Zim bigger than all of us
Zimbabweans no longer have a common understanding as to what can develop Zimbabwe because of political polarisation that is just toxic.
By Nicholas Aribino Sep. 18, 2023
Why are world leaders not attending UNGA this year?
While the absence of Russia’s Vladimir Putin and China’s Xi Jinping is not breaking news as they often prefer not to attend,
By Tapiwa Gomo Sep. 18, 2023
It’s time to win
Never live a wrong script of what others say about you and don’t ever live other people’s lives and lies. Kick fear away
By Jonah Nyoni Sep. 16, 2023