‘UN envoy to meet all stakeholders’

On Monday, government released an itinerary indicating Douhan would only meet government officials and agencies, sidelining civic society and the opposition — long accused by the ruling Zanu PF party of inviting the embargos on the country as a regime change strategy.

Increased borrowings weigh down Edgars margins

In a statement accompanying the group’s financial results for the period under review, Edgars chairperson Themba Sibanda said the company, which was not designated as an  essential  service provider, lost seven trading weeks due to store closures and reduced trading hours.

Major coffee buyers face losses as Colombia farmers fail to deliver

World coffee prices have soared 55% this year, mainly due to adverse weather in top producer Brazil, prompting Colombian farmers to default on sales clinched when prices were much lower in order to re-sell the coffee at higher rates.