Court freezes account after US$300 000 deposit

This was after Misheck Mudyariwa, whose NMB account was credited with US$300 000 had filed a court application trying to stop his bank from freezing his account. 

Experts throw caution on economic interventions

With huge disparities between the interbank and parallel market rate, FIA said it was most likely that those privileged with access to United States dollars would benefit, but any trade they will do on the black market would further hurt the economy.

African countries need tighter controls to curb growing tobacco use

In Zimbabwe, for example, China Tobacco set up the China Tobacco Ma Bo Hope Primary School in 2019. In this way, the industry is using corporate social responsibility to gain legitimacy, build public trust, and further its business interests. From building schools to funding scholarships, tobacco companies use these publicised acts of goodwill to gain influence with governments and try to mute life-saving tobacco control policies.