Zanu PF gangs up against ED

A panicked Mnangagwa promised on Friday to announce fresh “concrete measures to tame inflation, and unwarranted increases towards securing the incomes and savings of our people, especially women”.

Treasury bungles TelOne $46bn debt plan

The strategy involves coming up with a plan that relieves TelOne of the debt burden, by possibly transferring it to government, which would be good news for managing director, Chipo Mtasa, whose expansion plans have been jeopardised.

African countries need tighter controls to curb growing tobacco use

In Zimbabwe, for example, China Tobacco set up the China Tobacco Ma Bo Hope Primary School in 2019. In this way, the industry is using corporate social responsibility to gain legitimacy, build public trust, and further its business interests. From building schools to funding scholarships, tobacco companies use these publicised acts of goodwill to gain influence with governments and try to mute life-saving tobacco control policies.