GCC grinding to a halt

His sentiments come as over 70% of GCC’s 2022 budget value has been wiped out by inflation, while residents, whose salaries have not increased, are failing to pay bills.

Chinese pour US$35 million for Zim’s Zulu lithium pilot plant

In a note to shareholders on Saturday, Premier, which is developing one of Zimbabwe’s most promising lithium operations, said it had entered into a marketing and prepayment agreement in the form of a binding heads of terms with the Chinese firm.

African countries need tighter controls to curb growing tobacco use

In Zimbabwe, for example, China Tobacco set up the China Tobacco Ma Bo Hope Primary School in 2019. In this way, the industry is using corporate social responsibility to gain legitimacy, build public trust, and further its business interests. From building schools to funding scholarships, tobacco companies use these publicised acts of goodwill to gain influence with governments and try to mute life-saving tobacco control policies.