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Kenya's President Ruto sacks entire Cabinet

In the meantime, the President said, government operations would continue under the guidance of Principal Secretaries and other relevant officials.
By The East African Jul. 11, 2024
SADC-PF launches 5-year strategic plan
SADC-PF launches 5-year strategic plan
The forum’s partnership framework as well as the results of past partnership initiatives would act as a guiding benchmark for the next five years, she added.
By Moses Magadza Jul. 8, 2024
The Chinese Communist Party’s scientific deception: Quantity over quality in research
 The pressure to “publish or perish” is particularly intense in Chinese academia.
By The Singapore Post Jul. 5, 2024
Rishi Sunak apologises after historic Tory defeat
Sir Keir Starmer has led the Labour Party to a landslide victory and will take over from Mr Sunak as the UK's prime minister.
By BBC News Jul. 5, 2024
As Nigeria's gasoline debt hits $6 billion, some traders back out, say sources
Fresh fuel queues have already started to form in Lagos this week.
By Reuters Jul. 4, 2024
Regional women's parly causes acknowledges strides in gender equality
She listed among the top achievements, the appointment of women to the highest echelons of leadership in some countries. 
By Moses Magadza Jul. 4, 2024
Rwanda’s rebirth, 30 years on
These investments are poised to generate over 40,000 jobs, highlighting the country’s growing attractiveness as an investment destination in the region.
By The New Times Jul. 4, 2024
South Africa’s Ramaphosa names new cabinet as deadlock broken
Ramaphosa said Sunday that those issues would be priorities for the new government.
By Aljazeera Jul. 1, 2024
A record 15,000 millionaires to leave China in 2024, says latest report
“China is again on track to be the biggest millionaire loser globally, with an anticipated net exit of 15,200 HNWIs [high-net-worth individuals] this year, compared to 13,800 in 2023.
By The Hongkong Post Jun. 28, 2024
China’s Tightening Grip on Rare Earth Elements Threatens the World
However, China currently holds a stranglehold over the global supply chain for these indispensable elements.
By Directus Jun. 27, 2024
Kenya's president withdraws tax plan after deadly protest
"I concede," he said, adding that he will not sign the bill into law.
By BBC News Jun. 26, 2024
‘Julian Assange is free’, video shows WikiLeaks founder leaving UK
The plane carrying Assange landed in Bangkok on Tuesday to refuel before flying the WikiLeaks founder to the US territory.
By Al Jazeera Jun. 25, 2024
One person killed, over 200 injured in Kenya anti-tax demonstrations
The presence of spent cartridges implied the use of live rounds, they said, adding that more than 100 protesters had been arrested across Kenya.
By Reuters Jun. 21, 2024
Bangladesh military unhappy with weapons imported from China; complains of ‘sub-standard’, faulty parts
In a separate incident, the Bangladesh Air Force reported technical issues with Chinese-made F-7 fighter jets and short-range air defense systems.
By The Times of India Jun. 20, 2024
False Claims, Real Harm: LGBT Ugandans Shut Out From Asylum by Impostors
Although Uganda’s Constitutional Court annulled the law later on procedural grounds, anti-homosexuality sentiments were on the rise in the country.
By Global Press Journal Jun. 19, 2024
Politics Hinder Prevention as HIV Races Through Uganda’s Prisons
Livingstone isn’t sure how he contracted the virus, because he says he had unprotected sex with a woman he didn’t know five days before his arrest.
By Global Press Journal Jun. 19, 2024
MERICS report claims Chinese investments in Europe in 2023 fell to the lowest in 13 years
China’s lacklustre growth in the post-Covid period has weakened the financial footing of many Chinese firms, as per the report.
By Financial Post Jun. 17, 2024
Zuma to approach international court over election results
Zuma says that the MK Party has instructed its legal teams to take any steps, inside and outside South Africa, to ensure that justice is served.
By SABC News Jun. 17, 2024
Rising Chinese lending to Pakistan presents an acute debt trap
Pakistan’s total domestic and external debt stock rose by 8.6 percent during the first 10 months of this fiscal year (FY24)
By South Asia Press Jun. 17, 2024
China’s dual-edged sword of military diplomacy
China's military exercises with Mongolia and Cambodia are part of a larger strategy to enhance its influence and counter the United States' presence in Asia.
By The Asian Age Jun. 14, 2024
ANC-DA reach deal to form Government of National Unity
This comes days after parties failed to reach an agreement on who to work with in the ANC’s proposed GNU after the May polls failed to produce an outright winner.
By SABC News Jun. 14, 2024
Business closures surge as Foreign Capital flees China
The economic crisis in China has led to a significant reduction in public servants’ salaries, widespread layoffs, and an increase in unemployment.
By Financial Post Jun. 12, 2024
Right-wing surge rattles traditional EU powers
Centrists retain majority, but Europe's major economies face political headwinds
By admin Jun. 11, 2024
Aircraft carrying Malawi vice-president goes missing
The Malawi Defense Force aircraft "went off the radar" after it left the capital, Lilongwe, on Monday morning, it added.
By BBC News Jun. 10, 2024
African countries call for accelerating UN Security Council reform
Bankole Adeoye, the African Union (AU) Commissioner for Political Affairs, Peace and Security, stressed on Monday in Algiers the need for UN Security Council reform
By Xinhua News Jun. 10, 2024
Conviction of 14 pro-democracy activists in one stroke yet another nail in the coffin of democracy in Hong Kong
Reports from Hong Kong say the three judges who have convicted the 14 activists had been handpicked by the Beijing-appointed Chief Executive of Hong Kong.
By The Hongkong Post Jun. 10, 2024
Hong Kong democracy leaders convicted in China's mass national security trial
The convicted individuals were among 47 democracy advocates who were prosecuted in 2021 for the involvement in an unofficial primary election.
By Wion Jun. 7, 2024
ANC touts Government of National Unity as best option
Party president Cyril Ramaphosa says a government of national unity is the best option for the country.
By eNCA Jun. 7, 2024