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A wake up call for govt

The Unicef report reflects what is obtaining in the country with education being so commercialised that those at the lower end of the stratum get the short end of the stick.
By Newsday 18h ago
Govt must subsidise blood supply
Govt must subsidise blood supply
There are several sin taxes in Zimbabwe and we urge Treasury to timely disburse funds to the health sector if blood supply is to be constant.
By Newsday Jun. 17, 2024
Spike in dog bites a cause for concern
The highest number of dog bite cases reported was from Masvingo province with 87 and Mashonaland East (71).
By Newsday Jun. 15, 2024
Children are the future, let’s protect them
Children who are deprived of opportunities should be assisted to break free from the cycle of poverty.
By Newsday Jun. 14, 2024
Resolving Statelessness long overdue
The descendants, in the absence of a death certificate, are required to bring witnesses, who are often scared to testify against government.
By Newsday Jun. 13, 2024
Rising rate of crime cause for concern
The government must ensure that it funds start-up projects, which will absorb some of the jobless youths so as to get them off the streets.
By Newsday Jun. 12, 2024
Byo industry revival needs more action
Promises to revive Bulawayo industries have been nothing short of a pie in sky.
By Newsday Jun. 11, 2024
A balancing act required in handling PVOs
After meeting players in the NGO sector last week, Ziyambi pledged to expunge offensive provisions of the controversial Private Voluntary Organisations Amendment (PVOs) Bill.
By Newsday Jun. 10, 2024
Partnerships key in stemming maternal deaths
The partnership comes at a time when the apostolic sects have been known to shun clinics and hospitals due to entrenched religious beliefs.
By Newsday Jun. 8, 2024
A toast to solid journalism
It has been a gruelling period of more hits than misses and we continue to strive to do better.
By Newsday Jun. 7, 2024
Charity begins at home...
An investor on ZSE should be able to buy and sell securities as and when they deem fit just like in other jurisdictions.
By Newsday Jun. 6, 2024
Favourable policies stem gold smuggling
A new report by SWISSAID alleged that 12 African countries are involved in smuggling more than 20 tonnes of gold a year.
By Newsday Jun. 5, 2024
The sweetness of power
This has led to the creation of a slogan VaMngangagwa vanenge vachipo kusvika 2030 (Mnangagwa will be in power till 2030).
By Newsday Jun. 4, 2024
New dawn for Sadc
Things must change in Sadc and South Africa is the best candidate to lead the way.
By Newsday Jun. 3, 2024
Beam must be supported at all costs
Beam is a government programme introduced in 2001 to pay tuition, examination fees and levies for underprivileged learners.
By Newsday Jun. 1, 2024
Local industries need support
Regulatory burden, according to the report was an albatross on companies, accounting for 17,9% of overheads.
By Newsday May. 31, 2024
Combined forces key to halting road crashes
These statistics must jolt the government into action and put in place bold measures that make our roads safe and not become highways of death.
By Newsday May. 30, 2024
PVOs Bill hearings must be redone
This is the same line that was picked by the suspected Zanu PF youths who disrupted the hearings as they shouted that the amendments would “curb terrorism”.
By Newsday May. 29, 2024
A tough task to restore glow to Harare
This is a bold statement which, if implemented, will return the glow to the once sunshine city.
By Newsday May. 28, 2024
The proof is in the pudding
The currency is backed by gold and cash, which makes it stronger than its predecessors, according to monetary authorities.
By Newsday May. 25, 2024
Of promises and lies
The promises to improve their welfare have been made before. However, they turned out to be lies.
By Newsday May. 24, 2024
The price of arrogance
Should Zimbabwe be “hauled” before ILO on a matter that would have been resolved internally? Certainly not.
By Newsday May. 23, 2024
Let’s aim to feed Africa
Therefore, our sincere call is that Zimbabwe should simply go back to the drawing board and trace where it lost it in terms of growing enough of its favourite staple maize crop.
By Newsday May. 22, 2024
About time our citizens are ‘recalled’
It has now become commonplace to hear of Zimbabweans being among victims of global tragedies, natural or man-made.
By Newsday May. 21, 2024
What makes a Zimbabwean hero?
However, may Sandi Moyo truly rest in eternal peace, rest assured that no one will ever rub out the role she played in the liberation and development of Zimbabwe.
By Newsday May. 20, 2024
Protect parents from rogue SDCs
SDCs came under scrutiny this week after a school in Beitbridge was reported to have purchased a bus at an inflated price.
By Newsday May. 18, 2024
A rude awakening
There are fears that food will be distributed along partisan lines after Zanu PF recently said it would superintend the exercise due to its “mobilisation prowess”.
By Newsday May. 16, 2024
Make ZiG notes, coins available
This comes as eight out of 10 transactions are conducted in the United States dollar, according to the Zimbabwe National Statistical Agency.
By Newsday May. 15, 2024