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Removing households from power grid not the best

Mnangagwa says his government would assist civil servants to migrate to solar.
By Newsday 21h ago
Dearth of college lecturers spells disaster
Dearth of college lecturers spells disaster
We also understand that this situation is gravely compromising the quality of graduates being churned out of our colleges and universities
By Newsday Dec. 1, 2022
About time we formalised our economy
Zimbabwe needs to seriously and urgently tackle this issue if it wants to realise its full potential.
By Newsday Nov. 30, 2022
Draconian law won’t instil patriotism
It would appear Zimbabwe is living under a false unity that is clouding our vision as a nation and it is imperative that we find each other as a people and work for a common goal.
By Newsday Nov. 29, 2022
Report shows urgent action needed on child marriages
The ZGC report shows that a lot needs to be done to eradicate the practice in society.
By Newsday Nov. 28, 2022
Budget deficit, Mthuli skating on thin ice
Suffering at a terrifying scale immediately hit millions as prices surged, tracking the depreciating currency.
By Newsday Nov. 26, 2022
What crime did we commit as NewsDay?
FOR the third time this year, NewsDay journalists have been targeted by the powers-that-be under circumstances that boggle the mind.
By Newsday Nov. 25, 2022
An impassioned plea to Zim parents
Sexual abuse, perpetrated on  the country’s young girls and adolescents has a cultural origin with patriarchy being the biggest culprit in perpetuating  this vice.
By Newsday Nov. 24, 2022
Artisanal miners deserve better
Research has revealed that the biggest challenge faced by artisanal miners is the 1963 Mines and Minerals Act, a nearly 60-year-old piece of legislation.
By Newsday Nov. 23, 2022
Something amiss in our health sector, Mr President
Vice-President and Health minister was mourning that little of what the ministry was allocated in November last year had actually reached its coffers to help it improve health delivery.
By Newsday Nov. 22, 2022
Smart traffic management system long overdue
It is simply staggering that the bulk of the motorists are simply not interested in following the rulebook
By Newsday Nov. 21, 2022
Commonwealth readmission will not solve Zim’s problems, but its leaders can
Attributing what seem to be deep-seated problems to “mistrust” is putting it mildly to say the least.
By Newsday Nov. 19, 2022
Equip police to do their job well
Kazembe as Home Affairs minister and all his colleagues in government have not been serious enough in curbing this scourge and are largely paying lip service to the security crisis facing the country.
By Newsday Nov. 18, 2022
Sakunda needs to reconsider on Rufaro
If Sakunda was, indeed, offering the renovation service with national interest at heart, why would it have asked to take charge of the sports arena for 30 years as Mafume has alleged?
By Newsday Nov. 17, 2022
Commonwealth: Let’s not take chances
The country was in the wilderness for 15 years and only returned to the Commonwealth family at independence in 1980.
By Newsday Nov. 16, 2022
Election silly season upon us
If, indeed, police stopped the music concert on these spurious grounds, it paints a very eerie picture of what lies ahead of the 2023 general elections.
By Newsday Nov. 15, 2022
Zimdollar facing headwinds
During the past fortnight, it lost 12,5% of its value to trade at $900 for every United States dollar.
By Newsday Nov. 14, 2022
Another ‘moment of madness’ brewing
The first such blitz, carried out in the midst of winter in 2005, left over 3 000 people homeless.
By Newsday Nov. 12, 2022
Govt losing it on Harare
Government’s meddling in HCC affairs are well-documented and the last most topical incident was the Pomona waste management debacle.
By Newsday Nov. 10, 2022
Zim satellite launch should open our eyes
ZimSat1’s launch should catapult us from the ill-informed past towards attaining upper middle income status by 2030.
By Newsday Nov. 9, 2022
Zupco fare hike a harbinger of what lies ahead
Where does this leave us as a country when a government institution starts charging black market rates.
By Newsday Nov. 8, 2022
What if we copy the Nkayi model to fight political violence?
Opposition Citizens Coalition for Change supporters, including Bulawayo proportional representation MP Jasmine Toffa, was hospitalised after the attacks.
By Newsday Nov. 7, 2022
Zim branding crisis: Govt must introspect
President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s zero-tolerance pledge to corruption is proving to be a fallacy.
By Newsday Nov. 5, 2022
Heads must roll over students’ missing sanitary wear
Have some of us become so heartless that we are no longer ashamed to keep reading in the news that our daughters
By Newsday Nov. 4, 2022
Let’s closely monitor our kids, if we care
Cherutombo High School should be made an example for other schools that this kind of behaviour has no place in Zimbabwe.
By Newsday Nov. 3, 2022
Our rural folk deserve better, more
Zimbabwe needs to do better than this, especially on the plight of the country’s rural communities who bore the brunt of the country’s fight for independence.
By Newsday Nov. 2, 2022
We urgently need to save our wetlands
The wetland continues to be threatened by “construction developments; dumping of waste and rubbish; fires; stray dogs; illegal farming; alien plants; and loss of biodiversity.
By Newsday Nov. 1, 2022
ED’s Gukurahundi initiative must put victims at its centre
The counter argument is that Mnangagwa is the State President, and therefore, he has an obligation to lead such efforts, or at least drive the process.
By Newsday Oct. 31, 2022