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Chris, Splendor: The pencil image masters

Asked how their artistry has changed their lifestyle, the Blacks declined to comment, saying it was not the right time because they were still focusing more on making a name.
By Tendai Sauta Mar. 7, 2024
"From Survivor to Superstar: Thandi Draai Brings Her Music to the United States"
"From Survivor to Superstar: Thandi Draai Brings Her Music to the United States"
A gifted artist, force of nature, and advocate for the voiceless, Draai continues to be a beacon of brilliance in the global music scene.
By Staff Reporter Oct. 30, 2023
Cultural events promotion key to social, political harmony
Cultural events are important for schools and the youth because they give them room to be proactive in building the future they want, while sharing their common understanding.
By Tendai Sauta Aug. 9, 2023
The Shona Sculpture Garden: Zimbabwe's Artistic Oasis
The downside of the previous is that Africa is still underrepresented in media, which is where real-life exhibits such as the
By Newsday Apr. 2, 2023
Muskwe lives off paints and brushes.
NewsDay Weekender caught up with Muskwe, who shared his painting journey, including some challenges related to the profession.
By Chiedza Mazhangara Sep. 17, 2022
Increase Your Chance to Win in a Casino With These Tips

Nowadays, most gambling fans prefer to play slots as they are believed to be the main source of income and fun. Taking into account the crazy popularity of gaming emulators, it is no wonder that slot machines can be found in every casino and gambling platform. What is more, most establishments offer special bonuses to […]

By Newsday Dec. 1, 2021
Tips to start an Online casino Business

The iGaming business is a major one, and you need to have all the essential data you need to begin your own online casino business.No stone can be left unturned, as you will most likely never get another opportunity at it. The prospects that the web based betting industry offers are huge, and business visionaries […]

By The Standard and Newsday Aug. 28, 2021
Zimbabwe’s entertainment advantages over neighbours

Zimbabwe is popular for, among other things, its beautiful landscape, wildlife and safaris. These features make the country a popular tourist destination, especially for tourists looking to see the sights of some of its cities, such as Bulawayo and Harare. Beyond these sights and attractions, Zimbabwe is not lacking in other sources of entertainment. In […]

By Newsday Aug. 15, 2021
Video Openings and the Eventual fate of the Online Casino Industry

The advancement of the Online Casino  industry from automated machines to video spaces and the expanding ubiquity of online club and versatile betting open a universe of chances for game fashioners to foster new kinds of game schedules. In this new setting the capability of expanded, even limitless, player cooperation emerges. Game originators should accept […]

By Newsday Aug. 14, 2021
Rock Music in Africa: How Heavy Music Lives in a World Where Religion Is Strong

How heavy music in Africa was born and developed, and what to expect from it in the future. The development of the Internet, social networks and applications like 22Bet and TickTock have allowed Western popular culture to spread across continents and countries. While pop culture has received a strong impetus in Europe and Asia, countries […]

By The NewsDay Aug. 1, 2021
Zimbabwe Casino Travel Guide

Zimbabwe is home to over 20 casinos with restaurants, hotels, live shows, and casino games. So if you’re thinking of visiting this beautiful country and enjoying some casino action, you won’t be disappointed. Besides that, the country has such magnificent scenery that will marvel your eyes.  Once you hit the casinos and have a blast […]

By The Standard Jul. 27, 2021