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Child prostitution at Musiiwa a microcosm of a national problem

There are a few skirts that are obviously part of a school uniform.
By Dylan Munashe Dzenga Nov. 30, 2022
letters: Girl child needs everyone’s support
letters: Girl child needs everyone’s support
We are seeking for the rehabilitation of the Chahonyosa Dam, the only big source of water in the area.
By Newsday Oct. 14, 2022
3 garbage trucks for Mutare
trucks were bought using the city's own funds
By Felix Matasva Oct. 13, 2022
HCC set to develop new market shelters for Mupedzanhamo vendors
HCC set to develop new market shelters for Mupedzanhamo vendors
By CHENGETO CHIDI Oct. 13, 2022
Police warn against starting veld fires
Police warn against starting veld fires
By Marvelous Matswimbo Oct. 11, 2022
Drug induced mental health cases overwhelm ZPCS institutions
Drug induced mental health cases overwhelm ZPCS institutions
By CHENGETO CHIDI Oct. 10, 2022
Peer pressure, physical and sexual abuse major drivers of substance abuse
Peer pressure, physical and sexual abuse have identified as key drivers of substance abuse
By Tavita Natasha Mpala Oct. 10, 2022
Rising pollution poses environmental challenges to Chitungwiza
Chi-town public relations officer Mr Lovemore Meya said burning of waste is illegal as all garbage should be dropped at designated places.
By Dylan Munashe Dzenga Sep. 26, 2022
Poor road network scare commuter omnibus in Lochview
Residents say damaged roads have scared away commuter omnibuses; this was worsened by the rainy season which left more pot holes visible.
By admin Sep. 26, 2022
City of Harare struggling to provide basic services: Budiriro residents paying the price
Some residents are now surviving on buying water from bulk suppliers while some have opted for boreholes drilling, all coming at a cost.
By Dylan Munashe Dzenga Sep. 26, 2022
Small-holder farmers can help turnaround Zim Agric fortunes
Rain fed agriculture is no longer sustainable due to the devastating impact of climate change as evidenced by recurring droughts.
By Felix Matasva Sep. 26, 2022
Outcry over Masvingo's 'outrageous' water bills
Outcry over Masvingo's 'outrageous' water bills
By Tavita Natasha Mpala Sep. 26, 2022
How is the Tether a Great Investment Option For 2020?

In this guide, we should discuss Tether is a wise investment alternative for 2020. Tether has immediately ascended to get one of the most famous and notable cryptographic forms of money over the most recent couple of years. So, Tether is digital money which has been attached to the US dollar. While it might seem […]

By The NewsDay Sep. 14, 2020
Chibhamu warned about the Zim’s economic impasse

In December 2019 l met with the some senior government officials and informed them that we expected the current events happening in Zimbabwe if a proper Macro Economic framework and a sustainable monetary policy was not put in place immediately. I informed them that the current monetary policy was designed to fail. But it looks […]

By The NewsDay Jul. 6, 2020
Chibhamu stands in solidarity with health front liners

After weeks of protesting for a better wages, better working conditions and improved standards of living the Zimbabwean Government having failed to offer any sustainable solution decided to evict nurses from their institution accommodation.

By The NewsDay Jul. 4, 2020
AMHVoices: Travelling Africa on an African passport

FOR many years, European passport holders have been given the freedom to move around a majority of their continent without the hassle of arranging a visa beforehand.

By The Standard Jul. 2, 2020
AMHVoices: ED has no capacity to solve Zim problems

IT’S nearly three years since President Emmerson Mnangagwa was sworn into office. Interestingly, Mnangagwa set himself some targets for people to see change in the economy, but up to now nothing has happened. Instead, the situation on the ground continues to worsen.

By The NewsDay Jun. 24, 2020
Footballer Ndoro confirms relationship with Dubai based business woman,Edith Chibhamu

For a while rumours on social media have been epic in scale, but Father’s day came with breaking of the ice to an unfolding love story that had kept the fans guessing and assuming what was really happening behind the scenes. Taking it to their social media sites, footballer Tendai Ndoro and Dubai based business […]

By The NewsDay Jun. 22, 2020
Edith Chibhamu speaks on the plight of Zimbabwe health front liners

Health workers at one of the top hospitals in Zimbabwe downed tools on Wednesday demanding urgent talks with the government after their salaries were abruptly cut by at least 50 percent.

By The Standard Jun. 20, 2020
Devastating effects of Covid-19 on thousands Street Kids in Zimbabwe: Edith Chibhamu.

The abrupt announcement of the national lockdown by Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa shocked many people; the business community and civil society were caught unprepared. Though the measures put by government in trying to curb the spread of coronavirus through the implementation of a lockdown are necessary, the average person on the streets has been hard […]

By The Standard Jun. 5, 2020
AMHVoices: Zimbos in SA appeal to govt for repatriation

I’m writing to you from South Africa registering my grief and airing question to the Zimbabwean Embassy in South Africa on the issue of repatriation. Since the lock down started, we have been living under harsh inhabitable conditions. We have no food, no money and but we are hearing of food hampers that are being […]

By The NewsDay May. 1, 2020
AMH Voices: Lockdown, what lockdown?

Life is still normal in residential areas especially high density suburbs.  People are roaming all over the streets and the so-called ghetto youth, you can see them sitting on the bridges.

By The NewsDay Apr. 6, 2020
AMHVoices: ED has failed public hospitals

THE deplorable state of public healthcare in Zimbabwe shows how the government got its priorities wrong resulting in thousands of people dying from curable diseases.

By The NewsDay Mar. 19, 2020
AMHVoices: Objection to illegal OH land seizure

I AM a former Prince Edward School boy and I was a member of the Old Hararians Association which I shall refer to as Old Hararians Sports Club (OH).

By The NewsDay Mar. 17, 2020
AMHVoices: Chitown activists exposes judicial officers capture

IT is now clear, transparent and open that the Judicial Service Commission is a catalyst to expedite and accelerate the military regime’s agenda and squashing of anyone who tries to speak for the voiceless.

By The NewsDay Mar. 17, 2020
AMHVoices: AU must now step in

OUR country is in the grip of numerous strands of crises, which we lay the blame on President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Finance minister Mthuli Ncube.

By The Standard Mar. 6, 2020
AMHVoices: Zesa should pull up their socks

REPORTS say our country was set to clear its arrears with Mozambique and South Africa in order to revive a trilateral agreement with the neighbouring countries as part of immediate-term solution to stabilise local power supplies.

By The NewsDay Feb. 4, 2020
Finally, Gutu came to his senses

IF what I read online that Obert Gutu has resigned from the Thokozani Khupe-led MDC-T is true then this is a good step in the right direction.

By The Standard Jan. 23, 2020