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Outcry over Masvingo's 'outrageous' water bills

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Masvingo residents have expressed concern over the excessive estimates of water charges by the Masvingo city council in recent months.

Speaking to Orbit Youth International, Masvingo United Residents and Rate Payers Association (MURRA) Spokesperson Godfrey Mutimba said estimated water charges have become a cause for concern in most of Masvingo residential suburbs as the City Council is failing to conduct proper metre reading, relying on estimates for all monthly water bills.

Mutimba said they have been receiving numerous complaints from Masvingo residents who have been receiving inflated monthly water bills.

“The city council should try to monitor and motivate their workers who have not been conducting their duties because they don’t earn much. They should also improve on service delivery and see that water is available daily in all residential areas.”

In his response, Masvingo mayor Collen Maboke said the biggest challenge the city is facing was faulty meters, giving the city no option than to calculate bills in estimates.

“Majority of the areas in Masvingo now have access to constant running water but people seemingly forget that water on is now expensive as the rates where increased. The meter readers are doing their jobs, the water that residents have access to is equivalent to the charges they receive by the end of the month.”

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