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Letters: A review of the August 23 elections

While the ruling Zanu PF party may argue that the elections were free and fair due to lack of widespread violence, we must not allow ourselves to be deceived by this façade.
By AMH Voices Sep. 25, 2023
Why we must reject Zanu PF
Why we must reject Zanu PF
Zanu PF failed to run the Zimbabwean economy on a sustained path.
By AMH Voices Aug. 21, 2023
UZ’s governance shortcomings disadvantage students
It is sad to see such shortcomings at the University of Zimbabwe (UZ), an institution renowned for its dedication to education and knowledge dissemination.
By AMH Voices Aug. 19, 2023
Candidates intimidating electorate must be disqualified
Zanu PF candidate intimidating villagers, telling them that they will be issued with voting cards at the polling stations.
By Newsday Aug. 16, 2023
Letters: Zanu PF’s schismatic dynamics continue to spin away in the background
Deciphering Zanu PF’s factions is a dark science at the best of times, but there’s ample evidence that the schismatic dynamics in the ruling party continue to spin away in the background.
By AMH Voices Aug. 14, 2023
Letters: ED either instigates violence behind the scenes or is incapable of stopping it
When he preaches against violence at rallies, he always directs his warnings to the opposition, yet Zanu PF is the main culprit when it comes to political violence.
By AMH Voices Aug. 7, 2023
Zec must put its house in order
Normally one would laud Zec, political parties and non-governmental organisations who indefatigably worked around the clock urging Zimbabweans to register.
By AMH Voices Aug. 3, 2023
Letters: Let’s make Zim agric, mining sectors work again
However, for deficit-producing regions, own-produced stocks will be short-lived due to low production.
By AMH Voices Aug. 2, 2023
Corruption at VID continues unabated
Zimbabwe has not been spared from this scourge. The root cause of corruption lies in the delegation of power.
By AMH Voices Jul. 31, 2023
Letters: Zanu PF leaders experts at doublespeak
This is a dangerous trend, especially considering that Mnangagwa is not only the leader of Zanu PF, but is also the head of State and government.
By AMH Voices Jul. 26, 2023
Letters: Chiefs’ diplomatic passports: A clear case of bribery
Instead of automatically granting diplomatic passports to all traditional chiefs, a more prudent approach would involve assessing each individual case based on merit and necessity.
By AMH Voices Jul. 25, 2023
Letters: TTI: ls it a service to residents or terror?
This is due to the harassment of motorists by the company’s enforcement teams.
By AMH Voices Jul. 24, 2023
High trade deficits harm developing nations
Merchandise exports for the same month came in at US$654,21 million, up from US$555,55 million in April 2023.
By AMH Voices Jul. 22, 2023
Social, economic injustice face behind loadshedding
Zimbabweans have over the years shown more ingenuity in confronting the daily harsh economic conditions characterised by hyperinflation and the ever-rising cost of living.
By AMH Voices Jul. 21, 2023
Letters: Govt must seriously reconsider ‘Patriot Act’
Of greater concern is the law's potential to grant authorities excessive powers to curtail human rights.
By AMH Voices Jul. 17, 2023
Letters: Crucial role of an inclusive, user-friendly voters roll
Section 21 of the Electoral Act states that voters rolls are public documents and are open to inspection by the public.
By AMH Voices Jul. 15, 2023
Has National Development Strategy 1 failed?
This makes citizens and policy analysts wonder if government had its own evaluation benchmarks different from the ones prescribed in the TSP document.
By AMH Voices Jul. 14, 2023
Let’s vote against those blocking diaspora vote
Mnangagwa ignored a letter we wrote to him inquiring about the challenges government was facing in implementing the diaspora vote and offering to help if need be.
By AMH Voices Jul. 13, 2023
Food price pressures expected to moderate amid ongoing harvests
South Africa is expected to maintain its status as a net exporter of corn in MY 2023/24.
By AMH Voices Jul. 12, 2023
Letters: Let’s give peace a chance
Dear politicians, you need no reminder from us of the power of speech. Words have the potential to build and to destroy.
By AMH Voices Jul. 8, 2023
Letters: Ncube: Bulawayo’s late unsung hero
Ncube was not the kind of person who would agree or accept anything because it was from the political party he sympathised with, but would criticise it more than the party he did not like.
By AMH Voices Jul. 7, 2023
Letters: Is Zim ready for elections?
The main objective of the discussion was to assess election preparedness for the August 23 elections in Zimbabwe.
By AMH Voices Jul. 6, 2023
Another empty political statement from Chiwenga
Vice-President Constatino Chiwenga, who addressed supposed party supporters in Harare on Monday, where he promised to facelift Mbare Musika.
By AMH Voices Jul. 5, 2023
Mbalula remarks reflect how Zimbos are weighing on SA’s public service delivery
A majority of the ongoing initiatives are proving to be insufficient in capturing the reality of the challenges being faced by the citizens.
By AMH Voices Jul. 4, 2023
Inflation wreaking havoc unabated
Blended inflation was introduced in February this year and it measures combined price changes of goods and services in United States dollars and Zimdollars.
By AMH Voices Jul. 3, 2023
Civil servant salary increment long overdue
June 2023 witnessed an unsustainable decline of the Zimdollar against the US dollar on both official and parallel markets.
By AMH Voices Jun. 30, 2023
Zim must accede to UN Convention Against Torture
The petition was accepted by Parliament and referred to the Portfolio Committee on Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs.
By AMH Voices Jun. 29, 2023
Letters: Govt must criminalise torture
Government’s lack of commitment to eradicating the culture of torture is quite glaring as it has in the past accepted recommendations by several United Nations member States .
By AMH Voices Jun. 27, 2023