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A bleak outlook

The Grain Millers Association of Zimbabwe (GMAZ) said this week that it anticipates importing one million tonnes of grain between now and March 2025 to prevent drought-induced hunger.
By Newsday 3h ago
A vote of confidence
A vote of confidence
The 56th session of the ECA Conference of African Finance, Planning and Economic Development ministers runs from February 28 to March 5 in Victoria Falls.
By Newsday Feb. 28, 2024
A silver lining
Addressing journalists in Harare on Friday, Global Polio Eradication Initiative co-ordinator Sadiq Umar said Zimbabwe had one of the best environmental surveillance systems in Africa.
By Newsday Feb. 27, 2024
The folly of third-termism
His term ends in 2028, thanks to the 2013 Constitution which prescribed two-term limits for the President in line with regional and global trends.
By Newsday Feb. 26, 2024
Bulawayo water crisis demands urgent attention
In the latest extension of the water shedding schedule, industrial areas and the central business district would be spared, according to city fathers.
By Newsday Feb. 24, 2024
Spare a thought for our youths
The Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency’s latest figures indicate an unemployment rate of 54% which attests to this.
By Newsday Feb. 23, 2024
Polio: The silent killer in our midst
SINCE December last year Zimbabwe has recorded three polio or poliomyelitis cases, a figure which appears to be too insignificant to write home about.
By Newsday Feb. 22, 2024
When closure takes forever
However, out of this entire debacle we believe Zimbabweans should learn a major lesson: Tolerance to others’ political opinions and inclinations.
By Newsday Feb. 21, 2024
The gods have gone crazy
What is most perplexing and worrying is the fact that government strongly supported seizing of the land from which it is now kicking out the hapless villagers.
By Newsday Feb. 20, 2024
Waiting for Mangudya’s swansong
The details of the structured currency will be contained in Mangudya’s final Monetary Policy Statement.
By Newsday Feb. 19, 2024
So much for a growing economy!
Each time Ncube opens his mouth to speak about Zimbabwe’s economic performance, he boasts of robust growth which, however, has no supporting evidence on the ground.
By Newsday Feb. 17, 2024
What a fat chance
Some of us will not be surprised if Zimbabwe is among the first countries to object to a Sadc anti-graft court, given its already highly compromised fight against corruption.
By Newsday Feb. 16, 2024
Zim fluffing its education potential
There is no excuse for our deteriorated educational standards because all we needed to do was to build on an already existing strong foundation.
By Newsday Feb. 15, 2024
A last throw of the dice
This comes on the back of a sharp depreciation of the local currency and the quickened pace towards the use of the US dollar amid calls for full dollarisation of the economy.
By Newsday Feb. 14, 2024
Selfishness belongs to the Stone Age
To the trained fireman, it is his knowledge which he is not supposed to share notwithstanding that council paid for such training at the City of Harare.
By Newsday Feb. 13, 2024
Redollarisation in full swing
The latest statistics are reflective of the situation on the ground, although independent experts say the figure could be higher given that the informal sector shuns the local currency.
By Newsday Feb. 12, 2024
A victory for human rights
Tuesday’s landmark decision comes as a Private Member’s Bill was introduced last year in the National Assembly to abolish the death penalty in Zimbabwe.
By Newsday Feb. 10, 2024
A pyrrhic victory
An analysis of the turnout showed that it was low compared to that of August 23, 2023, with average turnout at 22,1%.
By Newsday Feb. 6, 2024
Zim: A bottled up nation
Lest we are charged with inciting violence, we will gently put down the pen here and watch the pressure cooker boil.
By Newsday Jan. 15, 2024
Govt being two-faced on fees policy
Honestly, how does government expect the schools to function when they have to meet recurrent costs without money?
By Newsday Jan. 13, 2024
Zim’s women empowerment drive off course
A sizeable chunk of our school-going girls are dropping out of school in numbers far exceeding those of boys.
By Newsday Jan. 12, 2024
A call for a massive winter maize crop
And we should start preparing pronto.
By Newsday Jan. 11, 2024
Lawlessness: A reality killing our nation
Herein lies one of our major challenges in our quest to improve our image as a nation.
By Newsday Jan. 10, 2024
High time artisanal miners’ health, safety is prioritised
If our government seriously appreciates the artisanal miners’ efforts it should have surely by now made sure that their health and safety is prioritised.
By Newsday Jan. 9, 2024
Truth shall set us free
To clearly bring our bone of contention to the fore we will wind back five years to 2019 for some context.
By Newsday Jan. 8, 2024
Govt to blame for pensioners’ plight
We are pretty sure that the number of police officers retiring each year runs into hundreds, given that the force has been recruiting almost every year since independence in 1980.
By Newsday Jan. 6, 2024
Zim ill affords laxity on cholera
We cannot afford to throw caution to the wind at this most critical moment.
By Newsday Jan. 5, 2024
Wake up call to govt, employers
It requires no rocket science to realise that paying workers in a dying currency is a sure recipe for disaster and the worst insult to employees who are dedicated to their work.
By Newsday Jan. 4, 2024