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Food standards board welcome

The appointment of the board comes amid a rise in counterfeit products, raising health fears in the country.
By Newsday 22h ago
Domestic tourism push laudable but…
Domestic tourism push laudable but…
The local tourism product remains beyond the reach of many in the country, including those in the private sector.
By Newsday Jul. 10, 2024
Warriors need support
For The Warriors, the going is even tougher due to a host of problems, some man-made.
By Newsday Jul. 9, 2024
Mnangagwa’s Damascene moment
After telling Brick by Brick magazine in April that he would not extend his term beyond the constitutionally mandated two, he appeared to be singing a different tune a month later.
By Newsday Jul. 6, 2024
A nation fighting the wrong enemy
Lawyers and civil society organisations have written to the general demanding a retraction. Will he retract his statement?
By Newsday Jul. 5, 2024
School dropouts a cause for concern
This frightening data exposed lack of a support system to mitigate the situation, a breeding ground of social ills such as child marriages and drug and substance abuse.
By Newsday Jul. 4, 2024
Pitfalls of tribalism
While the lawmaker could have had genuine concerns that the teacher would not succeed due to language barrier, the manner in which he raised the issue riled even neutrals.
By Newsday Jul. 3, 2024
The beauty of competition
In May, Mnangagwa said Starlink would partner Wicknell Chivayo’s IMC Communication, bringing to end the long wait by consumers for cheaper internet service.
By Newsday Jul. 2, 2024
More than a common cold
The summit is historic as it will see President Emmerson Mnangagwa take over as the bloc’s chairperson.
By Newsday Jul. 1, 2024
Liberation movements are becoming relics
For Zimbabwe, election results in other southern African countries are ominous.
By Newsday Jun. 29, 2024
The currency merry-go-round continues
If the authorities think that controlling money supply growth alone can do the trick, then they do not understand how economics works.
By Newsday Jun. 28, 2024
The tragedy of failure to plan laid bare
This tragedy could have been avoided.
By Newsday Jun. 27, 2024
Make tackling GBV a priority
Latest statistics indicate that about 40% of women aged between 15 and 49 in the country have experienced physical and/or sexual violence perpetrated by their partners.
By Newsday Jun. 26, 2024
Police blitz on touts welcome but ...
The blitz comes at a time when travellers are having a torrid time as they are forced to board buses or other vehicles against their will.
By Newsday Jun. 25, 2024
Zim, Zambia fallout an unwarranted diplomatic impasse
Mnangagwa should know that he is not a regional prefect who stamps his authority beyond the country’s borders.
By Newsday Jun. 24, 2024
Prepare Warriors for Afcon qualifiers
The major consequence of this ranking is seeding at the 2025 Africa Cup of Nations (Afcon) draw.
By Newsday Jun. 22, 2024
The pitfalls of a weak Legislature
 Speaker of the National Assembly Jacob Mudenda last week blocked  debate in the National Assembly on President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s rant against
By Newsday Jun. 21, 2024
A wake up call for govt
The Unicef report reflects what is obtaining in the country with education being so commercialised that those at the lower end of the stratum get the short end of the stick.
By Newsday Jun. 20, 2024
Global Africa: Time for action is now
Afreximbank’s annual meetings and the  third ACTIF came  16 years after the African Union designated the diaspora as Africa’s sixth region.
By Newsday Jun. 19, 2024
President must call his ministers to order
MPs have since time immemorial complained over ministers’ seemingly negative attitude towards Parliament business, particularly the question-and-answer session.
By Newsday Jun. 18, 2024
Govt must subsidise blood supply
There are several sin taxes in Zimbabwe and we urge Treasury to timely disburse funds to the health sector if blood supply is to be constant.
By Newsday Jun. 17, 2024
Spike in dog bites a cause for concern
The highest number of dog bite cases reported was from Masvingo province with 87 and Mashonaland East (71).
By Newsday Jun. 15, 2024
Children are the future, let’s protect them
Children who are deprived of opportunities should be assisted to break free from the cycle of poverty.
By Newsday Jun. 14, 2024
Resolving Statelessness long overdue
The descendants, in the absence of a death certificate, are required to bring witnesses, who are often scared to testify against government.
By Newsday Jun. 13, 2024
Rising rate of crime cause for concern
The government must ensure that it funds start-up projects, which will absorb some of the jobless youths so as to get them off the streets.
By Newsday Jun. 12, 2024
Byo industry revival needs more action
Promises to revive Bulawayo industries have been nothing short of a pie in sky.
By Newsday Jun. 11, 2024
A balancing act required in handling PVOs
After meeting players in the NGO sector last week, Ziyambi pledged to expunge offensive provisions of the controversial Private Voluntary Organisations Amendment (PVOs) Bill.
By Newsday Jun. 10, 2024
Partnerships key in stemming maternal deaths
The partnership comes at a time when the apostolic sects have been known to shun clinics and hospitals due to entrenched religious beliefs.
By Newsday Jun. 8, 2024