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Take Parly Clerk to task over laptops scandal

The latest scandal out of Parliament, however, makes for grim reading, even for those used to seeing or hearing no evil.
By Newsday 11h ago
TNF must help resolve Zim’s  multi-faceted crises
TNF must help resolve Zim’s multi-faceted crises
Draconian laws have been used to crush industrial actions due to high discontentment.
By Editorial Sep. 24, 2022
Numbers of women dying while giving birth scandalous
For a nation like Zimbabwe to be losing women in such huge numbers while giving life speaks to the many challenges it is facing
By Newsday Sep. 22, 2022
Dump this 99-year lease nonsense
There is absolutely something wrong with how our government is handling this land issue and the 99-year lease issue is just a red herring.
By Newsday Sep. 21, 2022
Has Zim sunk this low?
When we get to a stage where we, as a people in this modern age, are unable to preserve our dead before burial, this is beyond failure.
By Newsday Sep. 20, 2022
Zanu PF stretching the truth on prices
So, while the Zimbabwe dollar is seemingly “appreciating”, it isn’t, because the same challenges that weakened it are still at play.
By Newsday Sep. 19, 2022
Politicians must walk their peace talk
Ncube’s known close relations with Mnangagwa and the latter’s deafening silence over the former minister’s inciting utterances puts the President’s public peace calls into question.
By Editorial Sep. 17, 2022
Mnangagwa’s call out to war veterans welcome
IT has come as really refreshing that President Emmerson Mnangagwa has decided, for once, to bridle some of his colleagues
By Editorial Sep. 16, 2022
Govt to blame for Mupedzanhamo chaos
The market was forced to shut down after some outlaws, who had invaded the market premises, started demanding money from traders.
By Newsday Sep. 15, 2022
UZ situation, a mere tip of the iceberg
The intrusion of the anti-riot police in the UZ fees crisis exposes how politics has always muddied economic issues in the country.
By Newsday Sep. 14, 2022
Time govt acted on those refusing vaccination
We believe it is high time the country made a clear decision on this group of people whose religious beliefs are a real threat to the lives of every citizen in the country.
By Newsday Sep. 13, 2022
Authorities must act to restore functional capital markets
Without foreign currency or financing from the capital markets, manufacturing firms are limited to their current positions as they lack money to invest in new potential projects
By Newsday Sep. 12, 2022
Govt must just allow market forces to determine producer prices
FOR quite some time now, rarely has government pleasantly surprised us with some good policy pronouncement.
By admin Sep. 9, 2022
Delays in ratifying AU human rights charter disconcerting
Little wonder there is so much flight of citizens from the continent to other continents where they feel safe and respected as human beings.
By Newsday Sep. 8, 2022
Aggression won't build Brand Zimbabwe
One simple question immediately comes to mind: Has the “Zimbabwe is open for business” brand expired and if it has, what is the new rallying call?
By Newsday Sep. 7, 2022
Zim schooling now a big, painful joke
The educators’ decision to continue their age-old protest over poor salaries & working conditions comes as school authorities at both public & private schools have decided to migrate to US$ fees.
By Newsday Sep. 6, 2022
USD fees: Govt policy failure hurting parents
Government’s policy inconsistency is now a real source of misery for many parents as schools reopen today.
By admin Sep. 5, 2022
Zimbos in SA must come back and vote

In an apparent attempt to appeal to the South African government to spare from deportation some 1 780 000 Zimbabweans whose exemption permits expire end of this year, Shava says: “migration has become one of the main pillars of our people’s survival.”

By The NewsDay Aug. 30, 2022
Mohadi, Mutsvangwa statements undermine democracy claims

We will, however, concentrate on two. The most shocking comment to come out last week was made by former Vice-President Kembo Mohadi, who simply made it clear that Zanu PF had done away with the pretence that people in the rural areas are allowed to vote freely.

By The NewsDay Aug. 29, 2022
Financial inclusion needs other support mechanisms

From her figures, there has been a robust rise in the number of Zimbabweans who are now able to transact with banks through various avenues, including digital methods.

By The NewsDay Aug. 27, 2022
What a monstrosity!

There was nothing national about the programme which had the boldest and clearest hallmark of being a Zanu PF militia, so our dearest Coventry might as well stop wasting her and our time trying to convince us that this NYS monster will suddenly transform into a Florence Nightingale or some innocent beautiful Alice in Wonderland outfit simply because she has said so.

By The NewsDay Aug. 26, 2022
Lies have short legs, Cde Ziyambi

So it has been 25 years ever since mankind revolutionalised communication and it would be downright foolhardy for anyone in this day and age to think that they can do something and the world would not know about it or that just few in their vicinity would know.

By The NewsDay Aug. 25, 2022
ZEP holders need to be more serious

Touching as it may, the issue of Zimbabweans in South Africa has far-reaching implications given that there are many undocumented Zimbabweans in that country, who are estimated to be over 1,5 million over and above the currently documented.

By The NewsDay Aug. 24, 2022
Zanu PF fomenting lawlessness in urban areas

This is quite an interesting, if not shocking, admission by those in the ruling party that they are at liberty to break the law with impunity.

By The NewsDay Aug. 23, 2022
Address scourge of child labour, especially on tobacco farms

Zimbabwe is Africa’s biggest tobacco grower and one of the world’s top exporters of the golden leaf. But this often masks the twin evils that are behind its success: deforestation and child labour.

By The NewsDay Aug. 22, 2022
Mthuli must stop politicking over civil servants’ plight

Addressing Parliament on Wednesday, Ncube claimed that the monthly earnings of an average civil servant is US$297, at the current exchange and, therefore, they should not complain of being underpaid as their earnings were in line with the cost of living.

By The NewsDay Aug. 20, 2022
Govt to blame for donor dependency

Most jittery about the PVO Bill are civil society organisations (CSOs) who are afraid that the Bill is being crafted to silence them or even banish them for good for speaking truth to power over issues of transparency, accountability, rule of law and respect for human rights.

By The NewsDay Aug. 19, 2022
Drama around Ndebele king making a mockery of the throne

The yet to be revived Ndebele Kingdom has attracted a lot of controversy ever since Stanley Raphael Khumalo, who claims to be King Mzilikazi II, installed himself as king at a secret venue in Bulawayo.

By The NewsDay Aug. 18, 2022