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SUCCESS LIFE: How to become a great leader

To go big, one must be willing to disrupt the norm.
By Jonah Nyoni Jan. 29, 2024
What’s regarded as small in medicine can save the nation
What’s regarded as small in medicine can save the nation
Radiotherapy is applied in order to shrink  cancer cells and failure to access such services means the cancer can grow with speed.
By Dr Johannes Marisa Mar. 2, 2023
Authorities must wise up to new realities
Communication is now instantaneous and almost universal. Not long ago, governments could control what their populations read and watched or listened to on the radio, but not anymore.
By Eddie Cross Feb. 28, 2023
Communication key to reducing knowledge gaps
Communication is not there to weaken or neutralise climate science information, but to regulate information flows, building verbal bridges, reduce uncertainties and increase understanding.
By Peter Makwanya Feb. 27, 2023
Zim’s budget opens door for growth, but ...
Global food price pressures underpinning the surge in inflation have been showing signs of easing for some time now.
By Jonathan Munemo Feb. 15, 2023
African ministers of environment need to implement policies to stop plastic pollution
Pollution has adverse economic consequences.  Investors shun places that are polluted.  Employees get stressed in polluted areas and their absenteeism from work skyrockets as a result. 
By Reinford Khumalo Feb. 15, 2023
Think your way to the top
The mind is too big for everyday purposes. It is the greatest gift that God gifted a human with
By Jonah Nyoni Jan. 21, 2023
Dealing with organisational stress

Stress is unavoidable because it’s part of human life. The most important factor is how we deal, handle or respond to stressful situations.

By Newsday Sep. 4, 2021
Boring Christian life

Every single day, multiple times throughout the day I ask God to use me as a vessel. He can encourage others through. May I be His ambassador to share His light and His love?

By The Standard and Newsday Sep. 4, 2021
The silly season is here

The Cambridge dictionary defines the silly season as “a period of time when people do or say things that are not sensible or serious”.

By Newsday Sep. 4, 2021
What is the current legal status of maeng da kratom in Colorado?

The first half of the current year is over. On the one hand, the world is dealing with a global epidemic, while other research is underway to accomplish preventive effects through natural means. Kratom is a traditional Southeast Asian herb that has been used for centuries. When the DEA placed this herb on the grey […]

By The Standard Jul. 28, 2021
What You Need to Know about Various Cat Breeds

There is beauty in variety and the world is filled with it; no wonder it is said that variety is the spice of life. There are different types of everything that we see and each is unique in its own way and each has its own functions. Even though mostly similar, humans too are different, […]

By The NewsDay May. 11, 2021
Does bitcoin have a successful future?

The digital currency market has changed the investment dynamics and payment methodology. Investors and traders have started to realize the bitcoin has still much more to offer, as compared to fiat currencies. It is definitely a fact, that virtual currency transactions are on an increasing scale and millions of people are already using bitcoin as […]

By The NewsDay May. 1, 2021
Staying competitive during COVID-19

BY JONAH NYONI The coronavirus has stayed with us more than we anticipated. Companies are redefining how business must be done. Technology is now the central tool for most companies. As a leader, what do you do in such a challenging situation? Communication Communication is the lifeblood of every organisation. Communication builds culture, relations and […]

By The NewsDay Apr. 17, 2021
AU Commission has made a good start on gender equality

BY ASHWANEE BUDOO-SCHOLTZ THE African Union (AU) held the 38th ordinary session of its executive council at the beginning of this month. One of the agenda items was to elect six new members of the AU Commission. The Commission is the AU’s secretariat, which carries out its day-to-day operations. These are the first commissioner elections […]

By The NewsDay Feb. 24, 2021
The importance of education

Guest column :  Eddie Cross This might seem to be something that is taken for granted, but I think it is even more important today than perhaps at any time in the history of the world. Even today it is possible for an illiterate individual to become a millionaire, but they are the exception. By […]

By The NewsDay Feb. 16, 2021
The 3 Prerequisite for Investing in stocks

Purchasing stocks is not an obstacle. The most challenging obstacle is to find an organization that reliably beats the stock exchange. This is something most people lack, which leads you toward the hunt for stock tips. It is a known fact that everybody today appreciates the need to save whether for a house, for kids’ […]

By The NewsDay Feb. 1, 2021
Security in a time of tumult

BY EDDIE CROSS ONCE more, we are ambushed by the world we live in and on which we all depend for a living and any kind of a future. This time it is not a dictator or a false ideology, it is not war or a threat of global annihilation from a nuclear conflict. It […]

By Newsday Jan. 13, 2021
We look up to MDC Alliance

After successfully submitting my doctoral disquisition in October 2019, I thought of taking a three-month break as I waited for my examiners’ feedback. This meant travelling to South Africa where my wife and children had been for the duration of my studies. My presence in South Africa made it possible for us to travel to […]

By The NewsDay Jan. 13, 2021
Go Through Main Reasons that Prove Why You Should Invest in Bitcoin

If you are connected with all social media platforms, then you already heard a lot about bitcoin. Well, the most popular term that you heard a lot is bitcoin investment. Did you know what exactly bitcoin investment is?  If not, then you are standing in the right corner because here you are going to know […]

By The NewsDay Jan. 12, 2021
5 Things to Ponder When Getting a Bitcoin Wallet

So, you are looking for the best bitcoin wallet to store after buying. Well, you are absolutely going in the right direction, but the only thing is that you should know what things matter a lot. They also need to know their requirements, i.e., what type of BTC wallet they want, what features they require, […]

By The NewsDay Jan. 12, 2021
Approach climate change from local, interdisciplinary perspectives

The recent curriculum review in Zimbabwe could not have come at a favourable time than the current one. The curriculum review process should instil confidence in stakeholders, designers and implementers to fill in the inherent procedural gaps that made it impossible for children to have a holistic and comprehensive understanding of climate change. This does […]

By The NewsDay Dec. 28, 2020
After COVID, Africa needs to make healthcare a priority

As we approach the end of a disastrous year that brought death, misery and economic hardship for so many around the world, those of us lucky enough to still be here have a lot to reflect upon. Indeed, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic exposed the economic, social and political fault lines in our societies and bared […]

By The NewsDay Dec. 23, 2020
Coronavirus: Christmas and the festive period

This year’s Christmas celebrations are faced with reality of COVID-19, which has brought about untold suffering to humanity. BY Fr Reki Tendai Mashayamombe Christmas celebrations within the church usually attract “big gatherings” as the faithful congregate to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. It is a beautiful celebration of our Saviour’s birth and a time […]

By The NewsDay Dec. 23, 2020
Big things are a sum of small things

AS 2020 comes to a close, I will share with you some pieces I have written over the years that will stimulate you and position you for victory getting into 2021. DEVOTION BY ERASMUS MAKARIMAYI Today’s piece was originally published by NewsDay on Saturday July 6, 2013 titled small things matter. I have added some […]

By The NewsDay Dec. 19, 2020
Don’t waste your time

DON’T waste your time and don’t waste other people time. Time is moving and does not wait for no one. BY JONAH NYONI Last week I said some people are going old, but they are not growing up. Growing up is a choice. Time is moving, and you are growing old. You might waste your […]

By Newsday Dec. 19, 2020
How Magufuli has steered Tanzania down the road of one-party State

TANZANIA’S 2020 general elections resulted in a predictably easy victory for one of Africa’s oldest ruling parties, Chama Cha Mapinduzi. BY NICODEMUS MINDE The National Electoral Commission declared the incumbent, John Magufuli, the winner with 84,4% of the vote. His closest challenger, Chadema’s Tundu Lissu, garnered a paltry 13%. The ruling party also won 261 […]

By Newsday Dec. 16, 2020
Brexit: Boris Johnson heads for high noon

THE “extra-extra-time” London-Brussels Brexit histrionics were only to be expected, because Boris Johnson and his right-wing Brexiteers have told British voters for years they would get something impossible: All the benefits we have enjoyed for decades within the EU with none of the obligations. BY PETER HAIN Most of the detailed legal text for a […]

By The NewsDay Dec. 16, 2020