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SUCCESS LIFE: How to become a great leader

Working with teams requires a leader who understands team dynamics and talent density.

WE navigate in a terrain that is ever changing and a leader can be punished for being average or sitting on their laurels. A leader must be innovative, creative and disruptive. Leaders that go big are remembered and rewarded. In this article, let us look into what we (as leader) can do to become great leader

CompetitiveThriving in today's complex, ever-changing and competitive business environment demands a proactive and agile mindset. Leaders must instil a sense of urgency within their teams, encouraging them to continually strive for excellence and learning. Embrace competition as a driving force for improvement and foster a culture that thrives on challenges rather than shying away from them.

Leadership abilityGoing big requires strong, bold, transformative and cut-throat leadership. Leaders should inspire and empower their teams, cultivating an environment where each member feels valued and motivated. By fostering a culture of collaboration and open, tactical, strategic and internal communication, leaders can harness the collective strengths of their team to achieve ambitious goals. Working with teams requires a leader who understands team dynamics and talent density.

Learning agilityOne way of staying competitive is through learning. Arie de Gues (1988) pointed out that, “The only sustainable competitive advantage is an organisation's ability to learn faster than the competition.” Employees and leaders alike must learn. Personal development adds value to the organisation. The quality of individuals in a company, translates to the quality of that company. Leaders must encourage, avail and create opportunities for learning.

Stand up and stand outStanding out in a crowded marketplace means daring to be different. This requires a leader that understands corporate reputation and image management. Leaders must encourage creativity and risk-taking within their teams. This entails embracing uniqueness and innovation as catalysts for success, challenging the status quo and pushing boundaries to deliver unparalleled value to customers.

Start with a whyA compelling vision is the driving force behind any successful endeavour. Leaders should articulate a clear "why" that resonates with all stakeholders that include employees and customers. This sense of purpose not only aligns the team but also serves as a guiding light during challenging times, reinforcing the commitment to the overarching goal.

Idea generationIdeas drive economies, companies, institutions and countries, among others. Most of the products and services we use are a product of ideas.  Innovation is the lifeblood of going and growing big. Foster a culture where ideas are not only welcome but actively sought. Encourage diverse perspectives and creative thinking, providing a platform for team members to contribute their unique insights and sustaining a healthy feedback loop. Great ideas often emerge from unexpected places.

DisruptTo go big, one must be willing to disrupt the norm. Leaders should not fear change but actively seek opportunities to disrupt the market and challenge existing paradigms. Embrace technological advancements, market shifts and emerging trends as avenues for growth rather than obstacles.

Glean from giantsLearning from industry giants is a powerful strategy for success as you learn from their experiential wisdom. Analyse the successes and failures of established players, extracting valuable insights to inform your own strategies. Emulate what works, but also be prepared to innovate and differentiate to carve out your niche in the market.

Parting pointThe markets are so ruthless and demand a dog headed leader. The leader must practice strategic thinking, bold leadership, and a willingness to embrace change. A culture must be built and it must foster idea generation, innovation, creative thinking and learning agility. Leaders must guide their teams towards achieving remarkable feats in today's competitive landscape.

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