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Dr Johannes Marisa

Dr Johannes Marisa

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High health licence fees cause for concern

Regulatory authorities are some of the major cost drivers of health service delivery in our country.
By Dr Johannes Marisa Jan. 22, 2023

It is time to try national health insurance

Out-of-pocket and private health insurance have been dominant in many developing countries.
By Dr Johannes Marisa Jan. 26, 2023

HealthTalk: Covid-19 still lingers amongst us

China has a population of at least 1.4 billion people and has potential to infect the whole globe if the virus is not contained quickly. 
By Dr Johannes Marisa Feb. 12, 2023

OPINION: Collaborative action on cholera outbreak critical

Cholera can result in many fatalities if not handled well and many lives can be lost within a short space of time.
By Dr Johannes Marisa Feb. 23, 2023

Health talk: Cholera outbreak: Remain smart and careful

Garbage removal should be robust to avoid water pollution.
By Dr Johannes Marisa Feb. 26, 2023

What’s regarded as small in medicine can save the nation

Radiotherapy is applied in order to shrink  cancer cells and failure to access such services means the cancer can grow with speed.
By Dr Johannes Marisa Mar. 2, 2023

It’s time we consider national health insurance

HIV is still wreaking havoc with many people still testing positive to the virus. HIV prevalence is less than 14% though in our country.
By Dr Johannes Marisa Mar. 5, 2023

HealthTalk: Zim has potential to deliver quality health

Our public health institutions have been despised by many as they fail to stand to the expectations of the patients.
By Dr Johannes Marisa Mar. 12, 2023

Please spare health institutions from power cuts

Coal power stations have failed to stand tall due to incessant breakdowns of the obsolete generators.
By Dr Johannes Marisa Apr. 13, 2023

Zim health sector: Not much to cheer after independence

The country has done well on some areas where prophets of doom thought we were going to be decimated.
By Dr Johannes Marisa Apr. 23, 2023

Health talk: Lack of political will pushing health sector into abyss

Both the public and private health practitioners have wobbled continuously for the past months with loud cries which no one in government has braved to hear.
By Dr Johannes Marisa May. 21, 2023

Health talk: Medical health practitioners getting raw deal from medical aid societies

Medical practitioners have been grumbling about the way medical aid societies deal with them.
By Dr Johannes Marisa May. 28, 2023

Health talk :TB drugs shortage drawback in combating disease

Ending the TB pandemic by 2030 is among the health targets of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
By Dr Johannes Marisa Jun. 11, 2023

Treat fly-by-night medical aid societies with caution

Many people have lost confidence in medical aid societies as many of them are known for unethical practices where service providers are not paid their dues timeously.
By Dr Johannes Marisa Jul. 2, 2023

Health Talk: Health workers exodus inimical to healthcare delivery

At least 7,3 million nurses and midwives are currently employed in the European region, but the figure is said to be inadequate to meet current and future needs.
By Dr Johannes Marisa Jul. 16, 2023

Health Talk: Your health matters in this election period

Stroke alone accounts for close to five million deaths annually while hypertension alone directly and indirectly takes at least seven million lives from this world yearly.
By Dr Johannes Marisa Jul. 30, 2023

Health Talk: Arthritis: Fairly common condition, but frequently misunderstood

Treatment for arthritis focuses on relieving symptoms and improving joint function. One may end up trying several medications. The following can be used:
By Dr Johannes Marisa Aug. 20, 2023

Health Talk: Tuberculosis: Can be fatal if not treated

Tuberculosis, commonly known as TB, is one of the top 10 causes of death worldwide.
By Dr Johannes Marisa Sep. 3, 2023

Health Talk: Menopause: Normal, but disturbing biological process

Many women present to clinicians with menopausal symptoms, but do not know that it might be simple pre-menopausal syndrome or menopause which will have appeared.
By Dr Johannes Marisa Sep. 10, 2023

Health Talk: Harare city parking: Nip it in the bud

For years, motorists have cried but their cries are landing on deaf ears as they are tormented left, right and centre.
By Dr Johannes Marisa Sep. 24, 2023

Health Talk: Drug abuse a cause for concern

There are over 190 million drug users around the world and the problem has been increasing at alarming rates, especially among young adults under the age of 30.
By Dr Johannes Marisa Oct. 1, 2023

Health Talk: Blood costs beyond reach of many

The most pitiful thing today is the unbearable cost of blood in Zimbabwe today.
By Dr Johannes Marisa Oct. 15, 2023

Strengthen our health delivery system

No country should boast of a sound health delivery system without a strong primary healthcare ecosystem.
By Dr Johannes Marisa Oct. 19, 2023

Health Talk: Let’s be vigilant in the wake of cholera outbreak

Cholera can result in many fatalities if not handled well and many lives can be lost within a short space of time.
By Dr Johannes Marisa Oct. 29, 2023

Health Talk: A well-functioning health system needs apt funding

The World Health Organisation put forward six building blocks that constitute the health system and failure of one pillar means a shambolic and a shaky structure.
By Dr Johannes Marisa Nov. 12, 2023

Oedema: An emerging diagnostic dilemma

In some cases, oedema has often been caused by organ damage or failure in the form of kidneys, liver or heart.
By Dr Johannes Marisa Nov. 26, 2023