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Don’t waste your time

DON’T waste your time and don’t waste other people time. Time is moving and does not wait for no one. BY JONAH NYONI Last week I said some people are going old, but they are not growing up. Growing up is a choice. Time is moving, and you are growing old. You might waste your […]

DON’T waste your time and don’t waste other people time. Time is moving and does not wait for no one.


Last week I said some people are going old, but they are not growing up. Growing up is a choice. Time is moving, and you are growing old. You might waste your time, but time will reveal your mediocrity. There comes a life in time when you are feeble, frail and powerless, but there is nothing to show for it.

When I was in my teens I thought I would do everything when I am in my twenties. It didn’t take long, I was in my twenties, but there was this lie which said life starts at forty I made myself believe it. I have discovered that life starts when you live consciously.

One day all of us will die, what will be remembered of you? What will remain in your name? Don’t waste time on people that don’t invest positively in you. Don’t waste your time on people that do not respect your significance. Don’t waste your time on people that are not serious about their time, they just want to eat into your time. Most people want you at their mediocre or average level and they will make an effort to waste your time through frivolous activities that do not add value. Think of this, 2020 is almost finished, do you still remember when we were talking for Vision 2020? Do you have anything to show for that? Now, is the time to redesign your life! Use your time effectively and consciously.

What separates poverty and wealth?

The thin line that separates the great and the mediocre is how we decide to invest in our time. One thing that I love about time is that we all have an equal amount of time. We all have 1 440 minutes in a day. What counts is how you use each minute at your disposal. What matters is how many hours you spend slumbering. Enrich your minute to enrich your life.

Time will expose you

The way one uses his or her time shows where they are going. Time used positively, will yield positive results. Some have said time is money. If time is money, money is not the only available currency, but time is one of the currencies. If you use your time badly now, expect to receive a similar result.

Count your minute

Ecclesiastes states well that there is time for everything (Ecclesiastes 3) and I should think this is not just a time for anything. There is a gap between an important thing and an urgent one.

Do not delve into trivialities, but into matters of worth and substance. If it’s not urgent, not important and not in your schedule don’t get involved in it. Invest in your time, value it and manage it.

At times things might need urgency yet they are not important in making you realise your dream. To risk partaking in them is simply risking the downfall of your dream. You plan your time to plan for other things.

Time the most valuable currency

We do everything in the realm of time. If you fail to do a thing in its season you endure the pain of tying to recover. If you do a thing out of season more effort is needed. Time has to be budgeted for and this proves time to be the most valuable currency. You might be having all the money you need in the world, but if you cannot plan your time effectively you are on the brink of bankruptcy. Here on earth we have limited time, so if one does not do their best to excel in time whilst they are in this physical body, they might not leave any legacy.

Time in the closet

For example, success in preaching does not depend on what you do on the pulpit, but how many hours you take in prayer and reading the word.

Simply put, more time spent in private rehearsals will determine your excellence in your public recital. If you were to ask greatest evangelists like Billy Graham, they will tell you that their success lies not on what they did on TV, but the time they take in the preparation of a particular programme.

Forego some pleasures

I still remember during school days, my parents bought me more paraffin for reading at night than they would buy me a new pair of shoes. My nights were spent in reading and working very hard in order for me to pass.

I knew I was poor in material things so I had to get myself out of poverty. Some children enjoyed all of the benefits a kid would need to show their affluent background, but at the end of the term, the kid from a poor family would carry accolades home for having excelled in my subjects.

This, at a tender age, taught me to get fulfilment on what I achieved not necessarily on what I had materially.

Be rich in your mind

One other life’s every day lesson is: Strive to be rich mentally and it won’t be a problem to handle material wealth. Whilst other children laughed at me because I wore torn shoes to school I was happy to have excelled in my studies. I was the love of most teachers and even attracted more friends than most rich students. In most instances, if you are great you attract more people. I had nothing to offer to the rich students nor had I anything to give to teachers, but my excellence.

Time will determine the kind of people your will attract

As long as you are great and doing great things people will always want to get to know you and associate with you. When you excel you attract the world! You need to learn to invest in your time effectively so as to magnetise yourself to wealth and the world.

It’s time to dream again

We are never too old to set goals. You are never too old to dream. All this is buried not far off from you, but inside of you. Stop looking on the sideways and blaming others for the reason that you have not made it in life, but dig in the potential that God gave you. Take that bold step to your greatness.