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Vendors fear loss of culture as hotels dominate souvenir sales

Local arts and crafts traders in this tourist hotspot decry increasing competition from hotels and lodges, which they say is not only stealing their heritage but denying them a livelihood.
By Global Press Journal Sep. 7, 2022

Feature: Peer counsellors help young people live with HIV

Peer counselling programmes are alleviating this issue by ensuring adolescents and young adults improve adherence and cope with their status.
By Global Press Journal Sep. 13, 2022

Feature: Command Agriculture: Benefit or burden?

The best way to finance agriculture is not through government, given its tendency to write off debts.
By Global Press Journal Oct. 18, 2022

Feature: Villagers brace for another displacement. This time, It’s for coal

Residents of Muchesu fear that they will be displaced without proper compensation because of coal mining operations near their village.
By Global Press Journal Nov. 17, 2022

When advertising, journalistic integrity collide

Advertising is the main business model across Zimbabwean media, according to a 2020 study by Media Monitors, a local think tank.
By Global Press Journal Jan. 12, 2023

When advertising, journalistic integrity collide.

Advertising is the main business model across Zimbabwean media, according to a 2020 study by Media Monitors, a local think tank.
By Global Press Journal Jan. 17, 2023

Recognition of civil partnerships stirs controver

CAROLINE (21) gazes at her toddler and recollects how the monotony of the coronavirus lockdown led her into a controversial love affair.
By Global Press Journal Feb. 10, 2023

Is sex consensual if she’s 16?

In 2022, the highest court in the country struck down as unconstitutional provisions in the act that put the age of consent for sex at 16.
By Global Press Journal Feb. 18, 2023

Is revamping sex education the answer, as teen pregnancies soar?

Teachers aren’t adequately trained to offer this kind of education, she adds. “Just like a sports teacher where a teacher can have a degree in sport, the same should be done for sex education.”
By Global Press Journal Mar. 24, 2023

Feature: As guns flow into Zim, armed robberies spike

According to the Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency, robberies increased from 2017 to 2019, with the number of armed robberies almost doubling from 2018 to 2019.
By Global Press Journal Mar. 25, 2023

'New law will hasten healthcare workers exodus'

Healthcare professionals say the amendment violates their rights and will demoralise healthcare workers and hasten their exodus from Zimbabwe.
By Global Press Journal May. 19, 2023

Feature: PSMAS imploding, civil servants paying the price

After spending two days there without receiving emergency care, Robby transferred to a private hospital with the hope of saving his legs.
By Global Press Journal Jun. 15, 2023

Teacher exodus threatens the future of Zim’s education system

While Rose said she was content with her choice to leave, she’s aware that her departure has created problems for her former colleagues.
By Global Press Journal Jan. 25, 2024

Feature: From researcher to ride-share driver: Why this Zim man made the switch

While he recovered his phone and car, the incident left Mhuru shaken.
By Global Press Journal Jan. 31, 2024

Feature: After waiting nearly 10 years, hungry families in arid Zim thirst for promised water

Food insecurity, according to FAO, refers to when a person does not have regular access to “enough safe and nutritious food for normal growth and development and an active and healthy life”.
By Global Press Journal Feb. 5, 2024

Pandora’s lunchbox: How school fees embody Zim’s currency system chaos

Tadiwanashe Moyo, a parent leader at her child’s primary school in Mutare, said parents agreed to pay fees in US dollars at the school.
By Global Press Journal Feb. 9, 2024

Zim authorities detain suspects indefinitely, despite laws

The Constitution provides for compensation when the arrested person has not been accorded their rights. These rights include release from detention within 48 hours of the initial arrest.
By Global Press Journal Feb. 20, 2024