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Vince Musewe

Vince Musewe

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The economic impact of Zidera

This, according to the Act, would be rescinded if and when there is United States Presidential certification that certain conditions are satisfied. These conditions include:
By Vince Musewe Nov. 4, 2022

Insurance sector key player in economic growth

THE Insurance and Pensions Commission (Ipec) publishes a quarterly life insurance industry report
By Vince Musewe Nov. 11, 2022

Young entrepreneurs are our future

Any sustainable youth policy must focus on the economic empowerment of youths through employment creation and entrepreneurship development and education and skills development.
By Vince Musewe Nov. 17, 2022

New perspectives: Towards a stable Zimbabwe macro-economy

There is no doubt that sustainable economic and social development can only happen in a stable macro-economic environment.
By Vince Musewe Nov. 20, 2022

Investing in wellness critical for economic growth

Lack of universal access to quality affordable health services threatens long term economic prospects and makes developing economies more vulnerable to pandemic risks.
By Vince Musewe Nov. 24, 2022

Collateral registry and access to credit

Removing this barrier can trigger significant increase in productivity, economic growth and development.
By Vince Musewe Dec. 1, 2022

Infrastructure key to economic growth

ECONOMIC growth and development cannot be achieved without the availability and the provision of appropriate economic and social infrastructure.
By Vince Musewe Dec. 9, 2022

Industrialisation of provincial economies

Provinces knowing the extent of their key assets which they have, be it land, minerals culture or human capital per district.
By Vince Musewe Dec. 16, 2022

Can smart cities become a reality in Africa?

The continent’s rate of urbanisation soared from 15% in 1960 to 40% in 2010, and is projected to reach 60% in 2050.
By Vince Musewe Dec. 21, 2022

Interview: Nyaradzo Group CEO opens up on smear campaign, state of insurance industry

As a brand, we are committed to our clients with whom we have walked through difficult times.
By Vince Musewe Dec. 25, 2022

Young entrepreneur sees ‘smart cities’ concept transforming Zim

Other youths can join the smart city initiative by being members of Innovation hubs.
By Vince Musewe Jan. 8, 2023

Should local industry be protected from cheap imports?

Countries which became rich by creating higher incomes and high investment returns for investors at some stage protected and nurtured their manufacturing sectors.
By Vince Musewe Jan. 10, 2023

Mangudya: Zim’s de-dollarisation on course

 De-dollarisation is critically dependent on price stability which leads to indifference between holding the local currency and the US dollar.
By Vince Musewe Jan. 15, 2023

Nothing will change without a paradigm shift

The role of leadership must always be to seek to objectively understand fundamental problems and do whatever is necessary to transform the socio-economic architecture.
By Vince Musewe Jan. 18, 2023

Of the RBZ monies to stockpile metal reserves

The RBZ will have the full discretion on which minerals to collect depending on the prevailing market prices and value of such assets.
By Vince Musewe Feb. 3, 2023

Latest MPS unpacked

The various measures taken by policymakers resulted in a somewhat stable parallel market US dollar and a decline in borrowing for speculative purposes.
By Vince Musewe Feb. 7, 2023

Dealing with inflation

We have an emergent complex economy which requires new thinking tools under what is termed “complexity economics”. 
By Vince Musewe Feb. 14, 2023

What is a knowledge-based economy?

A knowledge economy describes the commercialisation of science and academic scholarship and research.
By Vince Musewe Mar. 3, 2023

We must create the Zimbabwe we truly want

The challenge we face in most African countries is that unless we transform our institutional framework both on the political and economic fronts
By Vince Musewe Mar. 10, 2023

Mining sector needs fundamental transformation

Revenue from the exploitation of natural resources is not only used to sustain militias, but also for personal enrichment and building political support.
By Vince Musewe Mar. 16, 2023

An urgent letter to God

My God, there are many Zimbabweans out there who have fled their homes and country of birth because of violence and persecution and lack of opportunity.
By Vince Musewe Mar. 23, 2023

On vision, leadership, governance and economics

Governance structures play a key role in the effective implementation of ideas.
By Vince Musewe Jun. 27, 2023

The political leaders we want

The foundation and progress of any nation can mostly be attributed to the quality of leadership of that nation.
By Vince Musewe Jul. 4, 2023

Is Zimbabwe racing to the bottom?

It’s a true life of one calamity after another, as Dambudzo Marechera once wrote about his life.
By Vince Musewe Jul. 11, 2023

Will Zimbabwe’s Sovereign Wealth Fund accelerate development?

Norway has the largest ($1,3 trillion) and most successful SWF in the world and the reasons for its success include;
By Vince Musewe Jul. 25, 2023

Interview: Creating access to African citizens to invest in precious metals

We have built an all-encompassing ecosystem that takes care of regulations, dealing, safeguarding, liquidity, logistics, and customer service.
By Vince Musewe Mar. 9, 2024