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Tanyaradzwa Kapuru

Tanyaradzwa Kapuru

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‘Worst run and unfair’: Zim poll angers rights defenders

He pulled out of the presidential race last week, describing the whole process as a “farce”.
By Vincent Mungofa and Tanyaradzwa Kapuru Aug. 18, 2023

Zanu PF faces litmus test over land barons promise

However, state land sales are likely to trigger a wave of demolitions.
By Tanyaradzwa Kapuru and Vincent Mungofa Aug. 18, 2023

Father Mukonori warns against post-poll violence

The last election held in 2018 saw Mnangagwa beating then MDC Alliance president Chamisa by a razor-thin margin.
By Julia Ndlela and Tanyaradzwa Kapuru Aug. 25, 2023

146 000 megalitres of raw sewage gush into Chivero

This translates to about 400 mega litres of toxic sewerage flowing back to Lake Chivero daily.
By Tanyaradzwa Kapuru Sep. 15, 2023

New mayor lays out vision for scandal-ridden Harare

The tightly-contested  polls were slammed by the international community.
By Vincent Mungofa and Tanyaradzwa Kapuru Sep. 15, 2023

Cabinet nepotism fractures Zanu PF

But those fighting in Mnangagwa’s corner argued that such appointments were common.
By Vincent Mungofa and Tanyaradzwa Kapuru Sep. 22, 2023

Healthcare targets up in smoke as staff flee Zim

In a publication titled Tracking Universal Health Coverage 2023, a global monitoring report, WHO exposed Zimbabwe’s weaknesses in terms of achieving the targets.
By Tanyaradzwa Kapuru Oct. 6, 2023

Medical practitioners now reject Zimdollar medical aid

An investigation by this publication revealed that trust between medical providers and insurance companies had broken down.

Zim youths flee in droves

According to the IOM report, 55% of people leaving the country were from Matabeleland South, followed by Beitbridge with 49%.
By Tanyaradzwa Kapuru and Julia Ndlela Oct. 20, 2023

Govt plunges cities into cholera zones

Health and Child Care minister Douglas Mombeshora this week discussed the cholera outbreak response in cabinet.
By Tanyaradzwa Kapuru Oct. 27, 2023

Ncube on cliff edge as hospitals crumble

Ncube is expected to present the 2024 budget later this month.
By Tanyaradzwa Kapuru and Vincent Mungofa Nov. 3, 2023

Govt suppliers fleece millions

The revelations are part of a report by the Auditor-General on Appropriation Accounts and Fund Accounts in Arrears as at December 31, 2021.
By Tanyaradzwa Kapuru and Vincent Mungofa Nov. 3, 2023

FEATURE: Commuters bear brunt of transport crisis

Transport challenges have been a thorn in the flesh during this period, as the police cracks down on illegal vehicles and unregulated public transport operators.
By Vincent Mungofa and Tanyaradzwa Kapuru Nov. 10, 2023

Persistent power crisis cripples mining, industry

Power cuts, according to Isaac Kwesu, chief executive officer of the Chamber of Mines of Zimbabwe, are endangering the sustainability of the mining industry.
By Tanyaradzwa Kapuru Nov. 10, 2023

Abductions: Zim now a pariah state?

According to reports, the abducted members of opposition political parties were tortured. Some have reportedly been killed.
By Freeman Makopa and Tanyaradzwa Kapuru Nov. 17, 2023

Party supporters seek Mwonzora’s arrest

Nyathi also revealed that some members had reported a case against Mwonzora to the police.
By Sydney Kawadza and Tanyaradzwa Kapuru Nov. 27, 2023

Kuvimba floats US$200m bond for Sandawana Mines

The diversified mining group recently restructured its operations into three clusters — gold, rare minerals and energy.

Smuggled Zim children: SA hails alert security

All passengers on the 42 buses were sent back to Zimbabwe including the children.
By Tanyaradzwa Kapuru and Vincent Mungofa Dec. 5, 2023

Job losses loom in 2024

Moyo said there was a need for the government and private sector to sit down and discuss how best they can mitigate these challenges.
By Julia Ndlela and Tanyaradzwa Kapuru Dec. 8, 2023

ED leads nation in prayer

On the political and governance front, Mnangagwa said the prevailing peaceful and tranquil environment in communities was an inspiring answer to prayers.
By Vincent Mungofa and Tanyaradzwa Kapuru Dec. 14, 2023

Zim to establish ports authority

South African Border Management Authority commissioner Michael Masiapato hailed the efforts being made by their Zimbabwean counterparts.
By Tanyaradzwa Kapuru Dec. 18, 2023

Flood-affected residents reject relocation plan

Another resident, Sylvia Mugona also said authorities must develop, rather than force them out of Budiriro.
By Tanyaradzwa Kapuru and Vincent Mungofa Jan. 5, 2024

Byo promises to handle public toilets issue

Dube also said local authorities should improve garbage collection. 
By Tanyaradzwa Kapuru Jan. 19, 2024

Kadoma farmer wins T35 truck

Sixty-eight other winners walked away with a US$300 cash prize each.
By Tanyaradzwa Kapuru Jan. 24, 2024

‘Media policy on copyright theft on the cards’

AMH are publishers of NewsDay, The Standard and Zimbabwe Independent.
By BRENT SHAMU and Tanyaradzwa Kapuru Jan. 29, 2024

D-day for Karoi illegal land occupiers

The officers reported the case to ZRP Karoi Rural and a district operation to arrest the illegal settlers was initiated leading to their arrest.
By Tanyaradzwa Kapuru Jan. 30, 2024

FDI outlook bright: Zida boss

When a license is issued, it is not indefinite, it is not perpetual. There is a requirement for investors to renew that license after a certain period. It could be one or two years.
By Tanyaradzwa Kapuru Mar. 1, 2024

Drought hits tobacco output

The new system, Tsarwe added, would track the movement of the crop.
By Tanyaradzwa Kapuru Mar. 8, 2024

NPRC slams law that ‘criminalises’ killing troublesome wild animals

Wild animals are an important part of Zimbabwe’s tourism sector, where the country’s over 80 000 strong elephant herd is among the biggest attractions for forex generating visitors.
By Tanyaradzwa Kapuru Mar. 15, 2024

Beitbridge men flee to SA after impregnating minors

The NPRC observed that a concerted effort was needed to stem the wave of child marriages.
By Tanyaradzwa Kapuru Mar. 15, 2024