B/bridge seeks investors for Limpopo River projects

The local authority believes that the available land could be developed for tourism purposes.

The Beitbridge Municipality has set sights at attracting investors for business ventures along the Limpopo River for various investment opportunities including water sports and crocodile farming.

The local authority believes that the available land could be developed for tourism purposes.

In an interview with NewsDay recently, Beitbridge public relations officer Raniel Ndou said council sought to promote tourism activities along Limpopo River.

“We feel that there are a lot of untapped opportunities. For instance, the river is known as crocodile infested, yet we feel that can be an investment opportunity where one can come in and do crocodile farming,” he said.

Ndou said the business ventures along the river could bring capital to the border town through the sale of crocodile meat and skins.

He said other opportunities involved water sporting such as canoeing depending on the investor’s assessment including the construction of hotels and chalets.

“We are looking at even the construction of a leisure centre in the town. Approximately 75% of the visitors who come through the Beitbridge Border Post do not spend the day in the town.

“We feel development of such activities will make tourists or visitors spend a day or so before they can go inland to other places elsewhere in the country.

“We want partners who can come in with resources and grab these opportunities and make use of them,” he said.

Ndou said council had sent out invitations for proposals for investment in a cultural centre for Dulivadzimu Township.

The town, founded in 1929, was for many years the terminus of the railway from Pretoria, until a rail connection to Rutenga was built in 1974.

It is also a trading centre for cattle and irrigated crops (potatoes, melons and tomatoes).

Beitbridge Municipality also boasts investment opportunities in infrastructural development, beef and related products, manufacturing, livestock production, retail, warehousing, packaging, accommodation, transport and logistics, among others.

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