BBA: Pokello captured naked on shower hour

POKELLO Nare, who has been marred by controversy ever since she stepped into the Big Brother Africa: The Chase house, is under spotlight again after pictures of her bathing nude in the house are awash on the Internet.

Report by Melissa Mpofu

Though all housemates bath during shower hour, it is Pokello and fellow housemate, Cleo (Zambia) who have their nude pictures well published on the Internet.

Shower hour is a period during the show when all the housemates are told by Big Brother to bath.

For the first editions of BBA, Shower Hour was never hidden from the public and viewers of the show could patiently wait to see their favourite housemates bathing late at night.

This caused controversy with some viewers saying Shower Hour should be cancelled as it was immoral.

Big Brother then came up with a solution to remove Shower Hour from the main BBA channels on the DStv, and put it on the BBA website at a certain fee.

Now BBA viewers across the globe can sign up to a special service named BBA VIP on the official BBA website ( which allows them to watch their favourite housemates bathing naked.

The sordid “private pass”, which costs a one-off fee of $8 also gives subscribers access to footage of the housemates under the covers after dark, evicted housemates interviews and backstage interviews of artists who perform at the BBA show.

To be part of the BBA VIP, one has to log onto the BBA website and register. After registering, one will then pay the fee online and automatically start enjoying the “behind the scenes” of BBA.

This week, the BBA VIP featured uncut scenes of Pokello and Cleo (Zambia) in various states of nudeness in the bathroom.

It remains to be seen if Pokello will survive eviction tomorrow night considering that most Africans are a bit conservative and do not take things like sex tapes and nudity lightly.

On the other hand, she may survive as BBA is a reality show for an open minded audience so she may get away with the nude pictures and sex tape which were made public.

The housemate initially shot to fame in 2011 when a sex tape she featured in leaked and went viral on the internet.

Pokello is this week up for eviction against housemates, Neyll (Angola), Natasha (Malawi), Biguesas (Angola), and Annabel (Kenya). Two housemates with the least votes will be evicted from the BBA game tomorrow.

To save Pokello from eviction, people can vote for her via SMS by sending the words “Vote Pokello” to Econet number 33334, Netone 15626, or Telecel 15626. Alternatively, one can vote online by logging on to


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  1. ngaaende, ngaaende . . .. . . idhodhi

    1. may she go pls.

    2. Look, Tambo iNyoka

      Cum, Polekko. I give you a nyol.

    3. 31 July 2013 Vote ZANU-PF! Icho!!!

  2. We don’t like sluts like Pokello in the house. She has to go now!!!

    1. That is exactly where sluts belong.

  3. Pokello for life.lets vote for pokello.

  4. Leave Pokelo alone what iis the Difference between pokelo porn and biig brother housement shower Hour Porn. Big brother should stop showing shower hour on camerA liike that, there will be diifference for now all are ‘ porn stars’.

  5. We have just voted Poki. Every adult vanoita sex.sometimes dirty sex.Only that havabatwe kana kuti Masex videos ago haaleake.So regain Pokelo ambootawo kamari.Nxaa Munhu mutema.

    1. What is wrong with a naked person in the shower???

      How was the poor girl expected to bath, fully clothed???

      Come on men, grow up!!!!

  6. Bigbrother i luv dis program dat u ppl r doin kep it up oo

  7. ngaaende anodzidzisa vana vedu zvakaipa like pornography ndisatan chaiye(shedevil) ngaatendeuke anamate Mwari

    1. sure, she is evil, let her gooooooooooooo

  8. so she should shower with clothes on now.

  9. better that one.

  10. Must go 2moro

  11. Don’t judge her coz u sin differently. Chokwadi people r hypocrites, how do u hate on a stranger like that. If her intention was to show the world maybe asi becoz of her girl fight frend here. U guyz musadaro

  12. just like it was in the days of soddom and gomorrah, see em are drunk in the babylon wine. and if you dont listen to what the rastaman say your life will be on the line

  13. sukue polite ncube

    saka munhu ogeza akapfekahere vakomana wyyy so

  14. Zvekupenga izvo, kkkkk ek

  15. Amana saka mukuda kuti ageze akapfeka here, and anyway hanti vese vanobuda here pashower hour pacho. And hanti haiwonekwe nemunhu wese here, only those who subscribed to it. Newsday munenge muripo kudzikisira Pokello imi. Why mazimba tikuda kudzikisira umwe wedu soo. Pokello till day 91

  16. wilbert savanhu

    pokello ndaadzoke coz akutoti svibidza sema zimbabweans pokello ngaadzoke!!!!!!??!!!?!!!!???!

  17. Zanu pf for life. Icho!!!!

  18. Rwendo Rwembiri

    whts that???abt subscribin to get so and so pix big brother is just silly

  19. all this bba is sutanism,leav pokello alone

  20. all this bba thing is sutanism,leav pokello alone,what is shawer hour???????????sutanist

    1. Look, Tambo iNyoka


  21. a vakomana ma tv enyu aya kana vana voona magaro pa tv. Ndo freedom of ekispreshini dzakadai

  22. it NEWS that she bathed many of us bath with clothes on?if someone is bathing they have to be in the nude.i really think sh is being judged unfairly.the next thing we are going to hear is that ” pokello is breathing with her nose open” or ” she sleeps with her eyes closed” and psychophants are going to say all kinds of sh,,,t.

  23. Pokello haana problem just vote 4 her BBA ndiyo inevitable mhosva inoratidza mapicture evanhu vanogeza


    Satan the devil is at work. He is ubiquitous. BBA, is evil. Any ‘compos mentis’ individual wont watch such sordid satanic scenes.

  25. Leave Pokello alone. How is she supposed to take a shower with her clothes on? You are too quick on judging other people.

  26. Let’s not blame someone where there is no substance. Did Pokello request big brother to shoot or videorise her naked?
    Must she hide or swallow her private parts when bathing?
    Must she bath with her clothes on?
    Did she go nude in the public areas,the garden or in the lounge or kitchen? If you were in his shoes what you gonna do?
    Biggie is the one to blame and moreover nudity is an ingredient of the show, even sex too is an ingredient of the show.
    The purpose of the show is to exhibit how people interact and live in their lives, with much emphasis on putting strangers under one roof. Remember your boyfriend or gildfriend, your wife or your husband was a stranger the day you met. Are you not having sex now?. Don’t you have kids?

  27. Why watch the program uma ilizwisa ubuhlungu if it hurts you watch umlimi walamhla on zbc or vote not to allow zimbos in that program

    1. @izo hlukana ne migodoyi leyi abazi ukuthi bayaphambili noma emuva. Uma kuthiwa big brother bafaka izihlama zakubo, duku duku ngokuphazima kweso bayabagxeka abasabafuni. Kanti vele bafunani laba imikhoba leyi.
      Iziyelele , o pasi . ki kiii kiii kiii kiii

  28. @ look ,Tambo inyoka
    Watsiva nywana , nywana kiwena u na le masepa u se ka jwayela sony. Watseba ki Marete a haho.

  29. Go Poooookellooooooo

  30. @The Hacker 100 % correct I agree with you Brother.

  31. I have said it before and I shall say it again. Vanhu vakuru itai mushe siyanayi nemwana wevanhu. Iye ari kuita mari imi makangoti tuzu muchidongorera. Hapana zvamunobvisa nekuona asi kuti munongonzwa zemu mozvitundira mumabhurugwa.

  32. Look! Tambo iNyoka

    Farkoff mundeere. Demmetti. Mzilikazi. Dhodhi remudvziti .

  33. Look! Tambo iNyoka

    Stuipet Mzilikazi. ZANU assholisism at its worst….

  34. Wether u support her or Not_jus copy my words nice_

    She is coming back home nommater what and will receive her with as much disgrace which she will feel death is better.

    Leyo umntwana wahlukumeza abazali bakhe,nge-gama lelizwe lethu_so siyacela abuyele emuva

    Tinokumbira mwana adzoke

    Kea kgopa mwana warina a e tle kandlela

  35. @Look ! Tambo iNyoka get a life

  36. true story mira hako uone

  37. how else does one bath,surely u dnt expect e lass to shower yl fooly dressed u uneducated,uncourth pharisees!! go hang…..go Pokeloa go

  38. Komboni Yatsva

    By the way, what is this BBA supposed to promote? Isn’t true that BBA is a platform for promoting moral decadence among Africans? Wake up guys. This world is on a roller coaster drive to destruction. These are the tale-tell signs. Vanonamata namatai nesimba because when you see people celebrating immorality and sin, it is a sign that our Lord Jesus is soon coming and the last chapter of this world is being opened.

  39. orega kugeza here nekuti mune ma camera Nxaaa grow up people

  40. agree with u komboni yatsva poeple svinurai murinde nokuti nguva yokusunungurwa kwenyu yaswedera. Jesu avepedyo nokuuya, muchiona uipi huchipururudzirwa muchisekerera. Nmatai Mwari vatinzwire nyasha.

  41. hapana chamati maona hanti maindishora . The girl is hotter than pepper

  42. onai maasset apokello mahara makanyarara. Akadzoka kuzim anenge aakubhadharisa

  43. Mzilikazi and Look Nyoka.grow up guys,this is not a plartform for votriolic tribal spew.Mayuyu,zinyane lesilo….


  45. Hapana asingasvigwi pamuri mose imi varume hapana asingasviri

  46. Big Brother Africa a purely satanic project

  47. Mzilikazi you just a useless asshol waiting to be beaten up. Zibenzi remunhu..

  48. Mat 24:32 just like in the days of noah.
    This bba doesnt any diductive aspect , the devil is broadcasting and we should knw this and watch for the coming of the lord that he had already prophesied in matt 24. indeed the world is on its rollercoaster tht leads to the destruction. let he tht reads understand wht the word says. Repent for the day of the lord is at hand.

    1. Don’t waste time quoting verses about BBA, it’s like expecting people dressed as Nuns whne you are in a strip club. If a christian, just don’t watch it. Let us watch it and enjoy reality TV, manje mukaisa tumitemo twe muBible it becomes acting whoch all of you are doing. Lets them show their true selves!!!!!!! Pambili

  49. el hombre malo

    U cry about morals most of you have watched the sex tape and have it in your collections. Let her be you don’t it don’t watch it

  50. Pokello ngaadzoke kumba

  51. jackson theresa

    pokie!!!!! POKIE !!!!! POKIE!!!! POKIE!!!!!! POKIE !!!!! …….

  52. pokie!!!!! POKIE !!!!! POKIE!!!! POKIE!!!!!! POKIE !!!!! ……. MAIHWEEEE NDANYARA ….

  53. @ LOOK do not even go there, I don’t belong to a generation of cowards, do you think I will just stare and another man beating me. Just try it and you will regret for the rest of your life. Please don’t call me asshole because asshole is your totem. You are called look asshole.

  54. @ Mofdaddy. Look inyoka is an imbecile he is the one who started swearing at me. And calling me all sort of names for saying people must treat pokello with the respect she needs as a human being. He started swearing and calling me names. Read our comments from the start and you will get the point. Look inyoka has nothing to contribute to this platform and he thinks he is the onlyone who has the right to comment on issues at hand.

  55. spangasenkunzi

    zinyane lesilo wena ondlela zimhlophe.yekela laba abantu abalamawala abazitshela ukuthi bafundile.awungeke waphikisana labo.akubheki umkhulu wabo uziyangisile emaputo.khathesi baphikisana ukuthi umuntu uma egeza uyagqoka noma hayi.

  56. i think its time to hack bba site and even throw a bomb in their place

    promoting isiwule


  57. Sycophants not pyschophants.I suggest you use words you know

  58. @Spangasenkunzi@Mofdaddy Ngiyavuma zingane zobababa. Ngiwubambile umthetho nibe nosuku Bafowethu. Inkosi ibe nomusa esizweni sakithi.

  59. @Spangasenkunzi@Mofdaddy NGIYAVUMA,NGIYAVUMA zingane zobababa. Ngiwubambile umthetho bafowethu. Ihlale phansi yawubamb` umthetho. Nibe nosuku oluhle bafowethu. Inkosi ibe nomusa esizweni sakithi.

  60. Those who are calling Pokello names are idiots and those who are complaining about BBA should go and watch ZTV period. No one is holding you by your throats to watch MNET. All you have to do is to enjoy and watch or switch off or watch another channel i think it is not the only one for you will not change anything by complaining. Go Pokello go. its your time girl enjoy it we want you for presindency girl you are now more popular than Bob

  61. I think I love you Pokello! You rock my world!

  62. l dnt see anthng wrong by her nakedness she was in a shower so hw du yu expect sm1 tu bath whilst he/she s dressed pokello for life.

  63. william muchingamiri

    Ngaanyatso gezere panzeeeee ivo vamuona asina kupfeka vaitsvagei panguva yekugeza

  64. Sean Timba muzukuru waChinotimba

    Leave Pokkie alone

  65. please people lets be fair.. pane mumwe wenyu akambogeza akapfeka here sezvamunoda kuti pokello aite. ndiye here akatuma big brother kuti picture iitwe publicise. munhu wemukadzi anotogeza asina kana pantie chaiyo to make sure she is clean in all parts. pantie rinoda kuwachwa pese panogeza munhu. haikona kupinza mwari nepasiri ipo. chero pastor chaivo namai mufundisi vanogeza vasina kupfeka. so what’s the big deal. careful coz vanhu vazhinji vanoda kuzviita number one kuchechi ndivo vane zvivi zvinotyisa. kana paine munhu anogeza akapfeka anonhuwa tsvina munhu iyeye. taurai dzimwe nyaya kwete kugeza kwapokello!!!!akakuudzai kuti Mwari haadi Pokello achida imimi ndiani?

  66. Its so strange wat ppl can do fr popularity, the Bible says we mustnt judge bt stl wat she dd was wrong fr making a sex tape, yes it can stl happen tht maybe she doesn’t know tht its out in the open now bt she shouldve thought tht can happen b4 she agree on making tht video. Fr the shower I dnt c anything wrong coz I also bath naked ofwhich everybody does the same. So Pokello we love u bt ???

  67. She was jus enjoyin herself with stunner, let her ruin thru its her life.

  68. Let her be pliz she is only human and humans make mistakes,who amongst us is a saint,Do not judge

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