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MPs clash over Sibanda


The debate over war veterans’ leader Jabulani Sibanda sent tempers flaring in Parliament this week with MPs from MDC-T and Zanu PF exchanging harsh words such that an MP from MDC-M finally stood up to suggest the ongoing national healing process should begin with parliamentarians.

“MPs are the ones who need national healing programmes first,” Insiza MP Siyabonga Ncube remarked.

He had fallen victim of the protagonists after trying to sway debate from the volatile Sibanda topic to the starvation that stalkIing his drought-stricken constituency.

MPs from both Zanu PF and MDC-T heckled him because they still wanted to square off on the war veterans leader but Ncube would not go down quietly.

“I am taken aback by the behaviour and attitude in this House,” Ncube complained. “We have a ministry of national healing, but I find that it is MPs who need healing first.”

Ncube’s had been trying to bring to the attention of Parliament the worsening drought in Matabeleland and to suggest how best government could intervene.

Parliament had turned into a free-for-all as MPs from the political divide exchanged harsh words over Sibanda who has literally relocated to Masvingo province where he has allegedly embarked on a terror campaign against MDC-T supporters in Zaka and Bikita districts.

Deputy Speaker of Parliament Nomalanga Khumalo was at pains on Tuesday to control the heckling that had gone out of hand.

“Order, Honourable Members, I will end up sending some of you out,” Khumalo shouted.

MPs were shouting out at each other to “shut up!”, terms that are considered undesirable for respectable people like MPs.

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