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Harare has no salary account


The Harare City Council has since January this year been operating without a salaries account, it has emerged.

This has resulted in the late payment of salaries as the city did not have an account from which salaries could be drawn.

In a related but curious development, the local authority – whose recent manpower audit revealed it is overstaffed by close to 5 000 workers – has approved the employment of a further 120 workers to be attached to its traffic enforcement division.

The city has more than 10 000 workers but should ideally employ not more than 5 000 people.

According to recent council minutes, council last month approved the resuscitation of the salaries account in an effort to improve the payment system.

“That council authorises the city treasurer to set aside 35% of daily collections for depositing into the Salaries Account six days before pay days,” reads part of the latest council report.

“That the human resources director be responsible for the payment of all statutory payroll related payments and other payroll creditors from the Salaries Account”

Council said it noted that failure to meet pay deadlines since February last year and the garnisheeing of its accounts earlier this year had been as a result of the non-existence of a salaries account that under normal circumstances could not be garnisheed.

The human resources department, according to the report, approved the amendment of the staff complement to allow the establishment of the Traffic Enforcement Division.

“That subject to the adoption of recommendations, council authorises the public safety director to engage a total of 120 trainee parking supervisors,” reads part of the report.

It also further adds: “That subject to the successful completion of training, the candidates be appointed to the 120 vacant positions on a substantive basis in the traffic enforcements division”.

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