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MDC-T refutes Zanu PF claims on governors


Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC-T party has refuted claims by Zanu PF’s Patrick Chinamasa that governors-designate would be sworn in concurrently with the removal of sanctions.

Chinamasa claimed it had been agreed at the just-ended Sadc summit that the issue of provincial governors would be dealt with simultaneously with the removal of sanctions.

In a hard-hitting response to Chinamasa’s claims, the MDC-T said governors were ready to be sworn in as their positions had been opened by the expiry of the term of office of incument governors.

“The MDC-T dismisses the misleading and mischievous report in the state media that the three principals to the Global Political Agreement (GPA) agreed that the appointment of provincial governors be done concurrently with the lifting of restrictive measures.

“Our position in the MDC-T is that restrictive measures are a bilateral issue between Zanu PF and those who imposed them on grounds of a deficit of good governance on the part of Zanu PF. It has always been our contention that the authorship of restrictive measures is located on the doorstep of Zanu PF,” said the MDC-T in a statement.

MDC-T said it was only trying to help Zanu PF in the lifting of economic sanctions in the spirit of inclusivity.

“In the spirit of the GPA, the MDC-T had pledged to assist Zanu PF in rescuing it from this quagmire. As a gesture of sincerity and in compliance with the GPA, we had chosen to ‘chlorinate’ Zanu PF.

We refuse to be made accountable for Zanu PF’s past sins of commission and omission.” The party accused Zanu PF’s “primitive tactics of dilly-dallying and pussyfooting in implementing the GPA” as being responsible for assisting in complicating matters.

“There is no need, therefore, for the opposition party (Zanu PF) to grandstand about a fictitious position of the principals on the two clearly separate and unrelated matters of restrictive measures and provincial governors,” the statement read.

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