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Mugabe jingles vex Tsvangirai


Zanu PF has resumed playing partisan jingles on television proclaiming President Mugabe as supreme leader in a move that has exposed glaring conflict in the government of national unity.
The two MDC formations yesterday blasted Zimbabwe Broadcasting Holdings for playing the political jingles which the parties said fanned disunity and negated the letter and spirit of the fragile inclusive government.
The jingles being played after every 30 minutes on both television and the four radio stations have sparked outrage from the public who have accused Zanu PF of attempting to bring back the hateful jingles that dominated the airwaves when Jonathan Moyo was Information minister between 2000 and 2005.
The jingle Hondo Yeminda and Rambai Makashinga were emblematic during the era.
The latest jingles feature women in Zanu PF regalia, suggestively shaking their bottoms, and gyrating to the tunes from the CD titled Nyatsoterera (listen carefully).
The songs are performed by an outfit known as Mbare Chimurenga choir. Part of the lyrics include; “MuZimbabwe tauya kusimudzira nyika yatakatora isu nehusiku. (In Zimbabwe we have come to develop the country that we took by night)
Toitasei? (What do we do?)
Kubatana pamwechete (Let us unite)
Zanu PF takabatana (In Zanu PF, we are united)
Tozviziva vaMugabe varikutonga (We know President Mugabe is ruling)
Zanu PF takabatana (In Zanu PF we are united).
Contacted for comment last night, MDC spokesperson for Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC Nelson Chamisa said instead of airing political jingles, the national broadcaster should be screening jingles promoting the constitution-making outreach programme and economic revival.
Chamisa said the jingles were poisoning the spirit of inclusivity and eroding the good intentions of the inclusive government.
“It is a point -scoring mechanism which Zanu PF is using. It connotes some kind of negation on the spirit of oneness.
“It’s like we are in an election mode and we take great exception to Zanu PF taking the jingles to national television without payment,” he said.
He said the MDC-T would take up the issue with the Ministry of Information.
“We have equally powerful jingles and if that is the case we are ready to play them,” he said.
MDC-M secretary general Welshman Ncube said the national broadcaster should only play jingles that promote national unity and not those that seek to promote one individual or party.
“There is no room for offensive jingles in the current political environment,” said Ncube.
“Such jingles counter the spirit of inclusivity being sought by the government of national unity.
Zanu PF secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa told NewsDay yesterday that he was yet to listen to the said jingles.
This week scores of NewsDay readers complained through our SMS platform that the songs had the potential to spark political violence like that which gripped the country in 2008.
The launch of the propaganda jingles is believed to be in preparation for a possible election next year.
The CD has eight songs which encourage Zimbabweans to rally behind President Mugabe and denounce MDC-T party.
Efforts to get a comment from Information minister Webster Shamu were fruitless as his mobile phone went unanswered.

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