Producer raises funds for talented blind musician


Allen Dzobo, a 35-year-old music producer and studio owner says efforts to raise funds for talented , visually impaired musician, Munodawafa Munodawafa to undergo further eye surgery in the United States received a major boost from the corporate world.
Dzobo said so far Artisan Studios had managed to raise about $15 000 towards the philanthropic cause to help Munodawafa, one of the talented artists on his record label.
Munodawafa rose to fame at the early age of six when he surprised Zimbabweans with his hit song Shandisa Chipo Chako.
Although visually impared, Munodawafa does wonders on the keyboard.
In 2001, well -wishers sponsored him for a tour to the US where he underwent eye surgery and also attended music courses.
Five years later, his visa expired and he came back to Zimbabwe between 2005 and 2006.
According to Dzoba, when Munodawafa came back to Zimbabwe, he went to stay at his rural home in Macheke where his rare musical talent remained untapped.
“Munodawafa approached my studio and we agreed to record his album Zvinourayo and it was very good”, said Dzoba.
He went on: “We took him to South Africa where we had a show with him at Germiston in Johannesburg. He thrilled people there and they were wowed by the level of talent exhibited by Munya, given the fact that he was blind.
“That is when Munya told me that he was failing to go back to the US due to financial problems. We then decided as a studio, to hold a fundraising show to ask Zimbabweans: ‘Do you still remember Munya?’”
Dzobo said a family gospel show, which showcased talent from as far as South Africa, the likes of Uche of My God is Good fame and Lundi, was to raise money to fund further eye surgery for Munodawafa.
“He did not even have money for a passport. Now we are doing paperwork for his visa and the corporate world is helping a lot.
“When we manage to raise the required money, will do another farewell show for him before he goes to America,” Dzobo said.
Dzobo said he was passionate about helping young and upcoming artists and could not tolerate Munodawafa’s talent being wasted.
“I am a Christian and my faith led me to come in and help Munodawafa because he is one of the musicians in my stable.”
He said his studio was in the process of courting South African gospel musician, Lundi to do a duet with a selected Zimbabwean gospel artist in his stable.
“We are still in the process of identifying who will do the duet with Lundi and we will make an announcement when that comes to fruition”, he said.
Dzobo has also dealt with musicians who play other genres like museve. They include the likes of Phillip Gokoko, UK Boys, Biton Mamwadi, Jijidza and Teller Gomba.
“For Munodawafa’s farewell, we plan to bring in South African gospel musician, Sifiso”, said Dzobo.
He said Chimurenga music guru, Thomas Mapfumo, had also done a lot to assist Munodawafa to regain his eyesight.