Zhakata is back with a bang


Prolific song writer Leonard Zhakata has released a ten track album titled ‘Gotwe/Last born’ that is set to push him back to stardom after a lengthy absence.

The album is Zhakata’s 17th offering to date since his rise to prominence in the early 90s.

Though his music had taken a nose-dive over the years due to political interference, the latest is set to rekindle the fire Zhakata is known for.

Organiser of the album launch, Maximos Kadirire said that Zhakata’s album this time may, if given enough airplay surpass them all.

“If this album is well marketed it is set to be the all time great,” he said.

“The album is just hot and will prove that he is not a spent force as people would want to think.”

Fans of Zhakata had waited for almost two years since the release of his last album ‘Tinevimbo’.

Many people had ruled him out after he shifted his popular beat to ZORA, but now if what people are being treated to in live shows is anything to go by, he is marking his return to popularity.

During his shows, followers have been treated to new songs among them ‘Dambura mbabvu’, Misodzi yerudo, It’s good for us’, Ndiriuto’.

Other songs include Mazvita, Mutsiridzo and yesteryear remixes namely Menduru and Ariko Munyaradzi.

Muvhimi Ndini and Rima Rapera concludes the album packed with magic set to propel Zhakata’s music to the top, currently occupied by the likes of Alick Macheso and Tongai Moyo.

Zhakata could however not be drawn comment on the offering preferring to wait for the launch day.

“I want the launch day to do the talking. I will present my album to the people and the people will speak. I cannot pre-empt what I have for the people,” said the soft-spoken musician.

Zhakata had promised a new album late last year but could not deliver because the recording company was not ready.

He however penciled the launch for February and though a little late, the respected music icon has presented the album that will see those who had lost respect for him excited again.

Zhakata’s music career had taken a nose dive due to political intervention as his songs were deemed politically incorrect.