Mliswa threatens NSSA over woman

NORTON MP Temba Mliswa has been implicated in an abuse of office storm, after he reportedly fumed and waded into internal employee disputes at the National Social Security Authority (NSSA), where he is said tried to save a woman, who has been placed under review for incompetence.


The woman came under fire from the NSSA board over allegations of failing to discharge her duties, especially compiling minutes, which were fraught with errors.

Mliswa also alleged that former Labour minister Prisca Mupfumira was implicated in corruption.

In an email dated January 13 directed to NSSA general manager, Elizabeth Chitsiga, the woman in question, Cynthia Mugwira pleaded with management to employ another person to help her discharge her duties.

Mliswa confirmed he sired two children with Mugwira.

“I write to you, further to the impromptu meeting I was called to by yourself, Mr Mungwariri and Mr Matongera on January 9, 2018 at about 6:30pm.

“In the meeting, you advised me that the board was not happy with me with regards to minutes of the board meeting of September 26, 2017, which I had submitted to Mr Mungwariri for input prior to the board meeting.

“You also advised, therein, that the board was not happy with me due to the late submission of reports to the board members at the onset of the board meetings,” reads part of the email.

The board, following these concerns, then resolved to vary Mugwira’s contract, which would have seen NSSA relieving her of some of her duties and assigning them to another employee without changing her salary, invoking Mliswa’s wrath.

In a recorded audio, Mliswa had a bust up with NSSA chairman, Robin Vela, threatening to use his legislative powers to drag the board before parliament for investigations if they proceeded with action against Mugwira.

“I came to see you as the chairperson and a Mrs Chitsiga on the way you are treating Cynthia Mugwira, who is the legal secretary … I have two children with her,” he charged.

“Cynthia is a professional, she is highly qualified.

“NSSA is a corrupt institution, yourself included, Chitsiga included mai Mupfumira (former Labour minister Elizabeth) is implicated.

“This, I have said it before and it’s important that you understand this, I, as a legislator will not allow institutions to prevail when we have such individuals.

“I came to tell you that you cannot invite someone into that role and seek to divide their responsibility.

“You are the board chairman who wants to divide your duties.

“She works up to 2am, when she has two kids she must be looking after.

“I am a politician, I don’t have the time to be looking after those two kids and I look up to her to be able to look after those kids.”

Vela refused to comment on his encounter with Mliswa saying he wanted the issues dealt with outside the media and through the right channels.

Mliswa confirmed his standoff with Vela, but said it had everything to do with professionalism and his desire to fight corruption.

“I am professional and I will prove that NSSA is corrupt. Corruption is a bad thing whether told by a relative or not. We must fight it,” he said.



  1. Mliswa must take care of his kids and not to expect their mother to do some during working hours.
    It is also corruption to use employers times for family interaction.

  2. Ahhh Mliswa…we were beginning to look up to you after the Wiknell and Obert Mpofu saga. This is very dissapointing from you my former Rugby coach. Shape up or get out my friend !

  3. Do it formal Mliswa otherwise u a in the right track shame them those people are corrupt

  4. Of course NSSA is very corrupt especially Vela, Eriza and Prisca, they are all EDiots. Vela fired someone to replace with this incompetent secretary thinking she would allow him to f*ck but allas, she was being fucked already by Temba, shame on Vela. Thats why she is being worked late. Now he is stuck with an incompetent sexy woman at board level and no fucking, kkk

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