‘Dead robber looked after us’

The life of Boris Mushonga, the robber who died in a horrific car crash at Zindoga Shopping Centre last week, in a way begged for the end he met.


Drama witnessed at his funeral parade in Mbare where police fired gunshots and made several arrests was a fitting end to a life that mirrored the fabled Robin Hood’s.

A heroic outlaw in English folklore, Robin Hood operated with his gang, Merry Men, and became known for “robbing the rich and giving to the poor”.

NewsDay yesterday traced Mushonga’s lifestyle and more revelations were made by a close family member. The insight into his life is a fine blend of shocking and intriguing anecdotes.

NewsDay yesterday heard that despite his well-known felony, in Mbare Mushonga was a generous man who earned the love and respect of women he assisted. He would assist women in financial difficulties in this impoverished neighbourhood. He was also there to help bereaved families. Beneficiaries of his “warm heart” came to mourn their benefactor! “He was

a man of the people. That’s why several women came to mourn because he would assist them if they came to him with problems,” said a man from the neighbourhood.

But this generosity belied his life on the edge. Boss Kedha, Master Boris or Bolaya, as he was known, fled from the police while in handcuffs early this year and was part of a group that had allegedly terrorised Harare commuters, robbing people in kombis and driving around with female “passengers” who were his partners-in-crime.

During his early high school years, after completing his incident-packed primary education at Shingirai Primary School, Mushonga had made his intentions clear regarding how he would live his life.
“He had already started his mischief at Mbare High School while doing Form 2. He started taking drugs and stealing,” said the close relative.

Despite his seemingly treacherous character, Boris was loved by the community, but was rarely home as he was almost always on the run from the wrath of the law.

Within the Mbare community, his fine taste for style was legendary, almost matching his celebrated philanthropist leanings.

“He would make lots of money and buy clothes for himself and girls. He would help people who asked for his assistance. One could not even suspect that he was a thief if one did not know him,” said one neighbour in Mbare.

Mushonga was arrested several times, but he would find ways of coming out of custody.

Besides his taste and weakness for fashion, Boss Kedha had a weakness for women.

During the funeral, five women are said to have claimed to be his wives, three of them were pregnant.

“He once stayed with a woman, but they separated after there were suspicions on whether he was the father of the child. The child was very dark and he suspected he was not the father,” said a neighbour.
Boss Kedha (23) (street lingo for a coloured person) died together with four accomplices Bright Mupamhanga (29) of Highfield, Terrence Tuware (19) of Mbare, Shyleen Mukoma (16) of Mufakose and Alois Kangwara (19) of Mbare.

Police confirmed the five were on the police wanted list for robbing passengers using their getaway vehicle and commuter omnibuses during the night targeting cash, cellphones and laptops among other valuables.

Mourners who attended the funeral said some women confessed to having been working with Mushonga in robbing people in kombis.

“The girls came and said he would come to pick them up with a kombi and steal from unsuspecting people using the ‘close the door’ tactic while others searched the passengers,” he said. “He was not a violent person, but everyone in Mbare know that he was a thief. That’s why they sang saying ‘they want time to mourn their thief’.”


  1. Chakaipa Chakaipa

    Musarumbidze zvakaipa tapota pliz. Hanzi “he was not a violent person”- robbing other people for their hard-earned money especially in the manner that he did was violent and showed ruthlessness. I am quite saddened by the fact that he lured young girls to be a part of his thievery and he was quite young himself. Nyika yaenda kumawere, vabereki rairai vana uye be committed to being involved in your children’s lives kuitira kuti vasawire mumaoko evanhu vanozovapinza murufu sezvakaita vasikana vakazofa naBoris. Vazorora humbavha nerufu, shem stereki.

    1. How do you go on to rob without being violent.This reporter is a nut case.

  2. Ivo vasikana vacho vachinyanya, pambavha iyoyo makachiva marika, nhasi zvirikupi.

  3. Aka kabepa kazodhakwa manje. You wrote about Pokelo as if you were writing about Mary the mother of Jesus and now you are at it again on this thief as if you are writing about Saint Paul the Apostle!!!!!!!!!!! NXAAAAAAA.


  5. Mupfana uyu akabira vasingabirwe and he received instant punishment. Shamu yacho yakamurova yakapenga. There is nothing generous or heroic about a man who steals from people. It is a crime to commit robbery even if you donate the proceeds to poor people.

  6. Whether Newsday reported about this story or not remains the same. Thats what he did, full stop. If you report of a bad thing does that mean you approve of it? Fungai madofo imi… this is not a church sermon but a newspaper report.

  7. Social ethics Reporter- on whose side are you? Dont praise a vice like u are doing a movie review. Good riddance minus 6 criminals in Harare.

  8. He was the scum of the earth. Newspapers have a duty to society not to give voice to such people, and their deeds. It is almost as if they are glorifying what he did. If they feel the need to do a story about him, they should find victims who were traumatised, and illustrate just how bad he was. We are thankful to God who was quick to remove this menace from society.

  9. Yuwi Jesu chiuyai henyu vanhu venyu vatanga!!!!!!

  10. WEwere goin to shoot him still,Its a warning to all robbers and would be robbers that what yu sow is what yu reap,Was luck i wanted to shoot him myself ,right now im busy trailing some of his kind believe yu me by the end of the week dzichafa mboko idzi;soceity ills,too bad this jounalists had nothing to report,paachabirwa kalaptop kaanoshandisa achagona kunyora nyaya according to our values and normsTHE UBUNTU WAY,SALUTE YU POLICE

  11. How was he left to get away with crime for such a long time? It shows how incompetent the police are. What is this country coming to?

    1. Why giving praise to a thief, Mbare people are mad. Mapurisa sungai twusikana twacho twese nemimba dzatwo kujeri.

  12. i maintain that this man was a scum and NewsDay is making him smell like roses.

  13. Haikonai kupembedza zakashata, even if that’s what he truly did some things are better left uncovered for the betterment of our already ailing society. Media should not just find ways to get readers but rather find ways to build a better nation built on sane social values. You should be ashamed of your report, Moses.

  14. these pple should not rest in peace as other pple are saying. vakamama

  15. Now he meets his maker! Go to hell, the world doesnt miss you and you bastard ilk.

  16. Now he meets his maker! Go to hell, the world doesnt miss you, and your bastard ilk.

  17. they got taste of their own medicine. pasi ne mbavha. this shows moral decadence if one is using the ubuntu or unhu frican philosophy

  18. Mubairo wacho mauona vasikana ,shandai kwete kumirira chipfeve nembavha.
    How rich are the people that Kedha was stealing from and robbing?

  19. Hatterncourt Ralph

    If he was a thief with money how come he was using a car with ‘Biscuit Tyres’ which later resulted in his death. It shows that he stole only for show off and not for his own survival

  20. ..tupac, jay z,50cent etc all came thru nezvange zvatangwa nemfana uyu ! so??

  21. dhiri rinourayisa

  22. i feel pity for ma yungsta ekumaraini kwangu….they r already emulating this lifestyle. hanzi ride and die…..apa ne bronco iyi. pliz newsmen kupusa kwenyu kunoshamisa….tsve kunyengerera ma shef kuti mupihwewo mari dzekubuda kunze muchinonyirawo zvekunedzimwe nyika….muchafa muchibgorumbidza ma tsotsi aya…..silly!

  23. Stealing or robbing from whoever, is a crime according to Zimbabwe’s laws. Heroic actions serve the interests and advancement of the majority and i think there is nothing heroic here. Accepting proceeds from criminal activities knowingly is a crime on its own. Three pregnant women are going to have a torrid time. They are going to discover that they were more respectable b4 they met this man than they are today. How do you justify ordinary commuters as rich people. Do we have any big name that was robbed by this man in a Kombi. Musi waunosangana nazvo ndipo paunoziva kuti maitiro emurume uyu anga akatoshata kubva pakuzvarwa. As Mbare residents you know what is right coz no outsider will shape that community for you. You actually make it difficult for the police when you praise social malcontents.

    1. The Three pregnant girlfriends are going to give birth to three more boss kedhas

  24. …by writing in such a manner you have just motivated 20,000 more would be ‘Boss Kedhas’. How very responsible Newsday…

  25. …and he left 3 pregnant girlfriends.Tumwe tunana Bolaya turikubarwa,maone

  26. Can’t u find something better to write about…!

  27. in our culture we do respect the dead but not robbers. Imagine we work the whole month to earn afew hundred dollars to take home and feed our families, boss kheda or whatever u call him pounces on you and wants to be a millionaire overnight. Thats not fair. He was not a kind man he was a thief, a robber, go to hell dai mwara vatora vamwe vakasara nenzira iyoyi. Thank u god for protecting us from this criminals.hw many pple would they have robbed kusvika pa xmas

  28. Willard Mubvumbi

    Am really flabbergasted by some crazy pple who were praising that nincompoop of a robber. Shame, shame, shame.

  29. Willard Mubvumbi

    @ Wamai, well said.

  30. Willard Mubvumbi

    @ Charles V, the people in the community are to blame for harbouring the tsotsis. They dont utilise the suggestion boxes. Strange that some pple knows where the robbers stay but reluctant to report them.

  31. kurumbidza mbavha here uku? musi wauchabirwa nembavha idzi uchachangamuka mupfanha

  32. gandanzara via sherukuru

    this story is a peace shit how can you try to make this young thug look like a hero yet he was terorising people all over .This is nonsense and this paper i worder were are we going you trying to motivate these youngsters to follow in to this Kedha’s foot steps please spare us from this kind of reporting

  33. Newsday I think highly of you as a newspaper, but making this man out to be a Robin Hood is absolutely Unprofessional, this man is nothing but a thief that stole not only from the rich but the poor as well.

  34. well said mubvumbi they are only quick to blame the police for arresting robbers at a funeral surely who is to blame, a robber who terrorised the whole mainway meadows community or a police officer who arrest this robber at a funeral. Pple should work kwete kurarama nezvekuba. Kupembedza mbavha seshoko ramwari fooooooooools

  35. this paper is only reporting what was bieng said of boss kedha ,saka muri kuda kuti asiye pakanzi kedha aibatsira vanhu vemuraini here ? i wonder

  36. steling frm the rich???? shuwa ma pasengers aaibira aive rich nhai.

  37. All thugs like this Kheder must be locked ! For life. pliz let’s not accommodate these pple in our resi.Even the police suprimo must interven on the the release of these thugs ,

  38. had i noticed kuti aivigirwa kumbudzi i could have donated five bags of cement and steelbars for reinforcing the grave so he wont come back, ngaende ngaende uyu….. Idho……….. Good ridance to bad rubbish,stealing from the rich to give the poor which rich. Munhu anokwira kombi ari rich papi.

  39. Is stealing from a commuter as good as stealing from the rich? He was so stupid and failed to understand that crime does not pay. Being given the opportunity to live another life the robber will blame his generocity if it was the one which caused him to steal. Generous or not, stealing is bad and I am writing from experience. The most important thing in life is to work hard and use the intelligency, one might have to do the right thing. If they had a combi then why not ferry people and get clean money that will not add sorrow in it? Stealing is like a virus that one can start doing thinking I will stop after one deal but it becomes habitual and its wages is death.

  40. Madzimai acho aibatsirwa imbavhawo futi naiwo.wachitoziwa zvawo kuti imbavha wotambira? Imi. Naiye reporter wacho imbavhawo futi.imagine dai kaizenge kasvika 40yrs…

  41. Equating this nincompoop to Robin Hood is madness at its worst. He never stole from the rich to help the poor. Mr reporter can you tell the nation of any one rich person who travels in a kombi?

  42. Rega afe waida kuti ani afe isu hatibe toto shanda tichishandisa maoko edu mumbare kwete kubira vamwe a hero becomes a zero dai asina kufa ne incident anga achingofa ne aids rest in hell

  43. He seems to have been “helping women” – for obvious reasons. And all those women knew where the money came from but they still followed and worshiped such a thug. He was scum – period. Stealing from commuters – thats so petty. He had no money, he was such a pathetic small pick pocket thief. Nothing to be proud about.

  44. A robber is a terrorist to say the truth.Iri raiva tororo hapana chamunechema abiang. Ko hi, kusanyara.Tisate teita tisi pembera kuti tasununguka muHarare. Mware aneziya.

  45. Shame on the reporter. You should have looked for the victims of these scumbags & interviewed them to hear how they felt after being robbed rather than search for whores.
    I tell you the city is now a better place without these criminals.
    In Glen View there’s one such young criminal known as Kadiki. He’s almost 16 but he has caused havoc on kombis. Most of the tobacco farmers who have been robbed are his victims. I don’t know how he escapes police when most commuters know him. We now shun kombis because of this youngster.

  46. I blame all these on sanctions

  47. zvanzi abatsira kunyangwe madzimai emuraini nemari sekuru wachowo zvanzi ndiye aitichengeta ! nemari kupi murume mukuru ngasungwe he was the architecture

  48. nemari yabva kupi l omitted that above

  49. Hey guys stop this shit blaming of the report. The reporter is just saying wat boss kedha was doing. Musamurwadzirwe. Ko iyo police yacho itukei ka yaitadza kumubata? For your own infor, vanaBolaya varikuzvarwa ijawi muchaita bho henyu.

  50. mubairo wechivi RUFU

  51. Chief editor Newsday . I love your paper and it’s always first on my list in the morning., but I find it rather disturbing that you are giving so much to this story and it looks as if u are glorifying this creature and their lifestyle. Other social misfits will see this and think they will get fame after a life of crime. Please for the sake of our teenage children please desist from this as they will think this is the way to live! We will continue supporting your paper provided you stop glorifying criminals and giving them the time of day. They must know that they will not go down as heroes, but forgotten misfits!they were called by the maker in a violent manner , a call from heaven to say enough is enough! And to equate them to Robin Hood???? Please!

  52. ko..who own the kombis used in these robberies…driver nahwindi vaive kupi kombi isiri paroad…muridzi wemakombi ndiayani????

  53. Newsday go ahead glorify these misfits and they will continue to die like flies.

  54. Its funny how people vent their misplaced anger and dont raise that great hullabaloo and castigate the real robbers in this country: viz the politicians.Boris was a victim of the coarse conduct by our policy makers in this country as far as the socio,economic and political opportunity is concerned.Our mindsets are primarily concerned with selfish individualism and not community building….flaunting of ill gotten wealth and exploitation of people in the ghetto.Political influences have corrupted our youth and our leaders are only too happy to have these youths toyi toyi for them to win elections and now we say its the youths’ fauth.We are reaping what we have sown.Better we invest in community building rather than erecting durawalls- you will never be safe.

  55. l think its time we reconsider abortion. Lets be honest, do you really think kuti tuma trailer (babies) turi on the way tuchaita ma President here? Do you know since abortion was legalised in America crime spiralled downwards in 30 years by 72 percent? We need to debate about it. Those who r against it have never been in the crosshairs of a thief!

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