Extra Large to record album in Australia, tour Canada

The popular urban groove cluster, Extra Large aka Maroja and Enock Munhenga aka Ex-q are this August set to record a classic album titled The Expendables to be produced by Australian-based Zimbabwean Joseph Madzire before a tour in Canada.

The album which is about a group of elite mercenaries of music, tasked with a mission to bring back the old musicians onto map will feature some old local and Australian musicians.

“Joseph Madzire stays in Australia and he is the one who is working with us such that the album will be produced in Australia,” said Extra Large group member, Jimmy Mangezi.

Mangezi said this would be the group’s first time to produce an album not only outside the country but continent and then go on to tour Canada.

He said Audius Mtawarira was a good example of a local musician whose career was doing well after producing his songs in Australia thus they hoped their attempt would be successful.

“The name of the album came after watching a movie titled The Expandables which stars an array of action veterans from those decades, including Sylvester Stallone, Dolph Lundgren, Mickey Rourke, Jet Li, Gary Daniels, Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger as well as more recent stars such as Jason Statham and Terry Crews,” said Mangezi.

He said they had so far recorded 10 songs for the album and were thinking of even increasing the songs depending on what their producer would select as the best.”

He said so far other local artists which were featured in some of the tracks included Roki, Cindy, David Chifunyise, Alexio, Stunner, King Shady, Shanso, Decibel and Plaxedes Wenyika. He said the tracks available will be a Valentine’s Day present to their fans in February and one song to look out for was one titled Fire.

“There is also a song in Nyanja which talks about love relationships on the popular social network, Facebook and Rokii is the man behind the song, “he said.

Mangezi said the duo together with Ex-q would fuse on every song and according to the group the idea was to gain more followers in the music industry.

He said the group were expecting the album to sell exceptionally well on the market as it displayed the talents of various artists on one copy.

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