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MDC-T adopts asset declaration policy


MDC-T has adopted a law binding its elected officials holding public office to declare their assets to the secretary-general of the party.

The party has also warned that anyone found abusing office would be fired.

MDC-T’s code of ethics and values adopted recently binds all party officials holding public office to declare assets and to be answerable if they “suddenly become filthy rich”.

All members deployed have since been ordered to declare their assets by mid-February.

The party said everyone occupying public office as councillors, ministers, MPs and other members of the party should declare their assets.

Party spokesperson, Nelson Chamisa, said the National Council of the party agreed that “whatever we do should be a product of clean transaction and hard work”.

“You have to declare anything from wives, commercial property, farms and history of how one acquired the property,” he said.

“One has to declare even shareholding status if you are a member of any board.”

Chamisa said the party officials should declare their assets “out of pursuit and desire for transparency”.

He said everything would be there for people with questions to see upon request.

“We will question why one has polygamy of property. There has to be explanation as to how one acquired property,” he said.

One of the party’s senior officials, Theresa Makone, has since declared her assets to the Speaker of Parliament.

“We want a politician able to work for the people without necessarily abusing office. Meritocracy should be the order of the day. People should not abuse their proximity to this and that office to amass wealth.”

Zanu PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo on Thursday said his party was yet to come up with a position on declaration of wealth.

This is despite the outcry from pressure groups calling for rich Zanu PF officials to go public on their assets and how they acquired them.

“We have not been briefed by anyone on the declaring of assets and we don’t have a position on that yet,” Gumbo said.

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