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Reps Theatre plans third talent show


After the success of the debut Harare’s got Talent show and its second edition in 2010, Reps Theatre will in February host a third edition of the talent search show.

The talent show provides a platform for entertainers of any kind to show off their areas of specialty and to be exposed to impresarios and directors, who are always scouting for new faces for stage shows, cabarets and other performance media.

“We have been inundated with requests for another Harare’s Got Talent, from potential performers and the public alike,” said Reps society secretary Erin Cooper.

She said the first two shows revealed great talent in Zimbabwe through the winners who were choreographer dancer Ketan Nagar and his dance group and singer Kirby Chipembere who went to achieve success in the lead role in Reps’ Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

Cooper said bookings had already started for those who wanted to take part in the show and the auditions would be conducted before a panel of judges and a live audience to showcase their talents in various performance areas.

“In common with many folk elsewhere in the world, people in Harare are keen to see who are the up-and- coming entertainers and performers across a range of genres, and this kind of show gives them a platform on which to be seen and heard,” she said.

Cooper said they were not only looking for singers but also dancers and dance groups, comedians, illusionists and performers of any kind coming forward.

She said there would be no financial reward but they would give an opportunity for performers to be seen so as to hopefully get a start on a career in the arts and entertainment sector.

“The talent search is for anyone in Harare who feels that they are talented in anything as long as it is subject to good taste and there is no age restriction,” she said.

Harare’s got Talent has received a positive response from various people since its first edition and its popularity is growing and might soon reach the standards of the internationally famous talent shows like UK’s got Talent and America’s got Talent.

Among those discovered through this talent search show was actor Ndafadzwa Kagande, popularly known as Ndaffy Kays.

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