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Mafika honoured in Germany


The German national commission for Unesco has honoured young and talented Zimbabwean-born mbira maestro Takunda Mafika for his song Education – Sustainable Development.

The song will also get a place in the Unesco Aspnet gallery as an example of good practices by the international organisation.

A Unesco school coordinator and music teacher, Mafika has international acclaim, having performed in various European countries such as Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Italy.

His song celebrates sustainable development in the education system and educates the community on the importance of living sustainable lives in the economy, environment and social systems of our society.

According to Taku, the song was initially performed and written for the launch of the ESD Zimbabwe chapter which was launched in early 2010 by the Minister of Education, Sport, Arts and Culture, David Coltart.

Since then the song has been performed on numerous occasions by Roosevelt Girls’ High School where Taku also taught music.

The song was presented by Taku himself in Windhoek, Namibia, a month ago, at a Europe-Africa Unesco teacher’s workshop on sustainability where the national coordinator for Unesco Aspnet Germany and his delegation saw it necessary to honour the musician.

“Being a teacher and artiste at the same time, I have learnt a lot about sustainable development through various trainings by Unesco, thus I thought it was just right to play my part as a musician and use music as a tool to educate people about sustainable development,” Taku said.

He said the turn of events meant a lot for him as he dreams of becoming a UN ambassador.

Volker Horold, the German national coordinator for Unesco said the song has been given a place of honour in their new gallery in Berlin.

Meanwhile, Mob-Figgaz, a hip-hop group made up of Taku’s cousin brothers — Tatenda Castone Mafika aka Mob-X and Takunda Carlos Mafika aka Mobg — has indicated its intention to penetrate the market.

Mob-Figgaz runs a record label based in Harare called Mob Entertainment or Mobent, which came into being in 2007 and has worked on over 10 projects for local artists like Resilience of Trinity and Sista Flame.

Mob-Figgaz has distributed over a thousand copies of CDs to the public for free and this has helped them promote and advertise the label.

The group uses websites such as Facebook, Myspace and Twitter to promote their music and gather fans all over the world.

“The use of all these networks keeps us on top of the game and it has managed to commercialise and transform the Mob-Figgaz into a household name.

In their neighbourhood, they are well-known because of their music and they continue to get more popularity in other parts of Harare and Zimbabwe by performing in local schools, distributing their music for free and featuring on some local TV shows like youth.com and teen scene.

At the moment, Mob-Figgaz has released a new album titled The Saga Continues, featuring Savage, Resilience of Trinity and Sista Flame.

They are also planning to release two more projects, which they intend to put in shops countrywide and they are also doing videos to enhance their visibility on the market.

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