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Ncube turns to jingles


MDC president Welshman Ncube has adopted the infamous political jingles to spruce up his image and enhance popularity.

The jingles made popular by Mbare Chimurenga Choir are seen as a quick way to touch base with grassroots supporters.

Before presenting her acceptance speech on Sunday the newly elected MDC secretary-general Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga ordered the playing of a Sithwele Kanzima, a song purely dedicated to Ncube’s rise.

Part of the lyrics go: “Ezwene lakithi sincindezeklwe sabulala bani? Yisono bani esenziwa yithi? Sikulule Mathonsi Welshman, khululi Zimbabwe” (In our country who have we oppressed? Who have we killed? What wrong have we done? Liberate us Welshman, liberate Zimbabwe).

In an interview with NewsDay yesterday Descent Bajila the newly elected secretary-general of the party’s youth wing and the brains behind the musical project said: “We were not inspired by Zanu PF jingles as music has always been a form of communication. Can you therefore say if Roman Catholic Church members are singing then those that go to the Adventist Church should not sing?”

Bajila said the album titled Thetha Mathonsi serves both as a way of branding Ncube and a reminder of the everyday struggles people are facing. The title of the album encourages Ncube to speak out on behalf of the masses.

“I wrote the songs with the assistance of Khumbulani Malinga, but we had to hire a group to sing the music as we were busy with the national exercise in the constitution making exercise,” Bajila said.

He, however, said the name of the group performing the jingles would only be revealed after the album had been released.

Other songs already out include Tichatonga a declaration by the party it shall surely rule and “Lelilungelo ngelakho” a dedication to the party’s fallen heroes in particular Renson Gasela. The song also urges Zimbabweans to take charge of their destiny and not to be tossed around.

In a brief to the media during the congress Mushonga said Sithwele Kanjima impressed on the new leader to stand up and help free the masses from the shackles of Zanu PF.

“It’s a song for him (Ncube). It will be our theme song going forward,” said Priscilla Misihairambwi-Mushonga who took over from Ncube as the secretary general last weekend.

“All MPs should use it as a theme song. Going forward, we will want our party supporters to use it on their phone as a ringing tone”.

All parties in the inclusive government have adopted jingles to win the hearts and minds of supporters ahead of possible elections later this year.

Zanu PF has a number of jingles churned out on national television in praise of the party leader, President Robert Mugabe and the MDC is taking a cue from the revolutionary party.

The MDC-T also has many campaign songs denouncing President Mugabe and Zanu PF while praising their president Morgan Tsvangirai.

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