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Teenage duo releases debut album


Heavenly Avenues is the name of Zimbabwe’s latest high school gospel music outfit made up of Catherine Mudyanadzo and Rejoice Chidari, who recently released their debut six track album titled Chivi (Sin).

Through Chivi the two teenagers have proved that in music, age is nothing but just a number as they have managed to produce an album so good that they might easily sail their way to the top of the music charts.

Catherine and Rejoice are currently pursuing Advanced level studies at separate schools although they began singing together when they were in Form 2 at Regina Mundi High School in Gweru where they even formed a group called Anointed, which was discarded when members went separate ways after they completed their Ordinary Level studies.

“We composed many songs during our time at Regina Mundi of which we managed to make our first album carry six songs inspired by some of the negative and positive experiences we have faced as individuals,” said Mudyanadzo.

She said after realising that their voices blended so well together they decided to name themselves the Heavenly Avenues.

Their album contains some of the wisest words from any 16-year-old in various tracks like the title track Chivi, Anofanira Kukudzwa and Ane Rudo, in which they rebuke people who indulge in sin, encouraging them to revere the Lord.

“We are inspired by the popular gospel singer, Shingisai Siluma, because her music teaches one to do good while at the same time giving hope to those in terrible situations,” she said.

Mudyanadzo said they were very grateful for the support they had received from each of their parents who listened to their music and thought it was a marvellous idea to send them to a recording studio.

She said since they were still students they were not going to let their singing disturb their studies, so they would take time to concentrate on their school work.

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