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Nightmarish stay in Zimbabwe for BBA housemates


Big Brother Africa All-Stars’ housemates, who are touring the country, have lashed out at the tour organisers, Xtra Media, for not clearly communicating to them their itinerary while in Zimbabwe.

Xtra Media had probably overlooked the fact that the housemates did not come cheap, and this led to a series of problems as they were overwhelmed by the housemates’ taxing demands.

According to the six housemates — Paloma Manda (Zambia), Meryl Shikwambane (Namibia), Jen Mussanhane (Mozambique), Lerato Sengadi (South Africa), Mwisho Mwampamba (Tanzania), and Sheila Kwamboka (Kenya) — they were taken on a merry-go-round in Harare.

Problems started soon after the housemates’ arrival in the country when there was only an Xtra Media representative, Nigel Mavunga, and a few other organisers to welcome them.

This angered the housemates who had expected a huge crowd at the airport, including ex-housemate Munya, who was however conspicuously absent.

“This is not serious, if Munya comes to our country, he will see the reception he will get. I have organised a presidential convoy to collect the housemates in Zambia, not this,” said Paloma.

They were then checked into the Crowne Plaza where officials ordered them to go and “dress properly” after they turned up for breakfast in bedroom attire. Sheila said during Munya’s movie premiere, they were whisked out halfway into the movie by one of the organisers, much to Munya’s surprise.

A “Tight Crew Party” hosted at Q’bana, which the housemates were eager to attend, was not properly co-ordinated.

The housemates arrived at the venue around midnight and were taken to the VIP lounge which was jam-packed, making it impossible for them to mingle with their fans.

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