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Christians have role in fight against climate change


The last time I talked about the discourse of climate change I mentioned the language issue as a possible missing link among a variety of missing links in the fight against climate change.

Of course there are so many strategies that can be used to mitigate global warming, provided the right formulae and political will are used.

In this view, climate change is real and cannot be simply wished away.

One of the other possible missing links besides language (use of vernacular) in the fight against climate change is the religious perspective.

Indeed yes, the ecumenical power is critical as it brings in a sober dimension on how to tackle global warming issues.

While the Bible talks about the stewardship of treasure and the environment, Christians appear to be preoccupied with the stewardship of treasure, that is money, money, money, in US dollars, pounds, rands and more wealth, thereby appearing to relegate environmental issues to the dustbin.

It is not that Christians are ignorant about the environment but there are also some impediments that may contribute to their lack of commitment to environmental issues.

As the rest of the world is fast experiencing environmental changes and challenges that are threatening to tear the earth apart, it is the human hand that needs the corrective measure since it is the human activity that has to change its ways of interacting with the environment.

That is when evangelists should come in and lead the way in the fight against climate change.

The amount of literature that talks about climate change is quite enormous the world over therefore it is important to highlight why Christians should set the pace in the fight against global warming.

In terms of the environment, God’s original idea was to have a well-administered environment with limited sickness, deaths, famine and poverty.

The most fundamental issue for Christians is that ours is just stewardship, as God is the Alpha and Omega, the ultimate owner of the world.

While one would not advocate for the world to get back to its basic nature because of the present multiplicity of its inhabitants and modern construction trends and development, Christians still have a role to play of advocacy and awareness, with the Bible as the central reference guide.

The gift of stewardship should be inherent in every Christian.

It’s regrettable that the environment has degenerated into its present state of affairs due to lack of accountability and care from the people.

The nature of responsibilities and commands God issued were not given to any other creature than human beings.

It is also the human beings who possess features that God has in every respect but it is a result of sin that human beings have lost one of the outstanding qualities that God possesses.

This is the quality or gift of listening. Listening is a skill which severely lacks in human beings, especially when one gets up the social ladder; listening actually fades like the setting of the sun.

Only hearing will be evident due to the death of conscience.

Poor listening skills did not start with those in leadership positions but they have their genesis in the Garden of Eden, where Adam was the chief culprit.

Governments can spend millions of dollars for mitigation purposes or attend high-level meetings in an attempt to find the missing link, but who knows, that link in the fight against climate change may not need such scientific sophistication or high-level discussions.

Leaders of the world can invade the picturesque venue for this year’s climate change conference in Mexico, stay in five- star hotels and speak the best English, French or Portuguese ever but they will come back as they were in the first place.

Only God is the answer and key to the problems of global warming therefore acknowledge his existence and omni-importance, then he will deliver us from this global scourge.

If this assertion is far-fetched, then why is it that there is no change in the magnitude of global warming from the time Swedish scientist Svante Arrhenius, together with Thomas Chamberlain 100 years ago when they calculated, as put across by Toulmin (2009)?

They said that human activities could warm the earth by increasing the amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

This undertaking continues to unravel despite global efforts to manage it.

The relationship between humans and the environment should be reciprocal in nature.

As human beings get nourishment from the environment, they need to nourish it in return, hence there should be interdependence and a symbiotic working relationship.

A sense of caring rather than that of exploitation should be instilled and cultivated into humanity.

Through the gift of stewardship, humans have responsibilities over the environment and their conscience should restrain them from violating eco-friendly regulations.

Our good intentions towards the environment may not succeed in the absence of faith.

From the Christian point of view, faith appears simple but it’s not an easy undertaking; it has numerous casualties as many have stumbled and faltered.

Faith is a pivotal quality that regulates intrinsic motivation in humans.

The Achilles heel of global warming is the problem of sin.

It is because of sin that humans have sacrificed their relationship with God, fellow humans, as well as the environment because of personal gratification.

We are constantly appealing to the major polluting nations like the US, UK, China and India to lower the amount of dangerous gases they emit into the environment without appealing to God for intervention.

Peter Makwanya writes in his own capacity.

Contact: pmakwanya@arts.uz.ac.zw or makwanyapeter@yahoo.com

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