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NewsDay story correct —Zinara


The Zimbabwe National Road Authority which flighted adverts seeking to dismiss as untrue a NewsDay report that there were anomalies in the allocation of road funds by Minister of Transport and Infrastructural Development, Nicholas Goche on Monday turned around and said the story was correct and fair after all.

A public relations officer at Zinara who identified himself only as P Murove confirmed in an interview that the NewsDay story was correct but sought to question why the State media had not published the same story.

The official Parliament publication, the Hansard of Wednesday October 20, 2010 recorded the same parliamentary discourse on column 475 where minister Goche was being quizzed by MPs over the disbursement of the road fund.

The breakdown of how the fund was allocated to different districts in the country is also tabulated in the Hansard of July 14, 2010.

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