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Student artistes scoop awards


About 48 students whose works were featured in the Allied Arts Visual Arts Schools Exhibition at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe early this month have won awards for presenting exceptional work.

A representative of the National Institute of Allied Arts, Kathy Norman, said they received entries from 42 junior and 15 senior schools.

A total of 65 entries received an honours grade.

Norman said the group prize in Category One was scooped by the pre-reception Group 12 of the Heritage Nursery School while runners-up from other categories included Daniel Jackson of St John’s Prep School, Chiedza Watyoka of Bishopslea School and Martha Kamba of Eiffel Flats School.

Norman said in the senior schools categories the overall Best in Show Award went to Maxime Ilsink of Hellenic Academy and runners-up included Shannon Hart of Hellenic Academy and Liberty Mukonoweshuro of Mufakose High 1.

“Entries that have received 1st and 2nd grade will be on display at the National Gallery during the month of October and the exhibition will contain almost 700 entries along with the winning literary entries,” said Norman.

She said the institute was very grateful to the National Gallery for making space available to them to display the children’s works.

The exhibition, run in partnership with the National Institute of Allied Arts under the theme Earth Matters, focused on subjects like under water, water sources, fire, wind and rain or water as a life-giving element for the junior schools.

Senior schools were given more thought-provoking subject matters that included Planet Earth, Inner Earth, Historical Earth and Mapping Earth in the hope that the artworks would be more open-ended and challenging.

“The syllable was sent out to the students during the first term of the year and entries were required in by July so that they could be adjudicated in time for the exhibition currently running at the Gallery,” said Norman.

She said they hosted four festivals annually which were literary, visual arts, speech and drama and vocal and instrumental and the literary festival, which attracted 976 junior schools entries and 279 from senior schools.

Norman said all the entries had been received from 44 junior schools and 21 senior schools from around the country.

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