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BBA All Stars’ Munya fan club fights to save him


The Munyaradzi Fan Club (MUFC) was put to the test last week as they had to save Paloma in order to get rid of one of Munya’s greatest contenders Tanzanian Mwisho.

They tried to throw their weight behind Paloma in the hope that Mwisho would meet his Waterloo on Sunday but unfortunately they were overpowered by the midnight crew who supported Mwisho.

The polls showed that Paloma had six votes while Mwisho had nine votes, meaning Paloma was almost a threat to Mwisho.

Sunday’s Big Brother All Star’s eviction was not a surprise as Zambia’s big mama and “proud African woman”, Paloma, was evicted.

Initially the two lovebirds, Meryl (Namibia) and Mwisho were up for eviction but fortunately for them, Meryl was head of house so she had the power to save or replace any of the evicted housemates.

Meryl replaced herself and put Paloma in her place though she had difficulties making this decision as she seemed uncertain on whether to save herself or her All Stars boyfriend.

It is always sad to see a housemate who did not know they were up for eviction leave the house as they will be taken by surprise and therefore not get the chance to bid farewell to fellow housemates.

Mama Paloma becomes the latest barnmate and the question is, will she be able to stay in the barn till the end of the game?

Meanwhile, Ethiopia’s representative, Yacob decided to do himself a big favour by asking Big Brother to evict him out of the barn and out of the game and Big Brother did as the Ethiopian had asked.

This therefore leaves 12 housemates in the running for the $200 000 as Ghana’s Sammy also fell sick and decided to leave the house.

Paloma seems to have settled well at the barn as she was already chopping some firewood probably preparing to cook supper.

She was pleasantly surprised when the barnmates finally decided to open the barn doors for her.

She embraced everyone and told them she was about to slaughter a chicken and was in the process of preparing fire to cook it. She admitted missing the barnmates and told them she knew it was not her time to leave the game.

Barnmates told her of Yacob leaving voluntarily but would not tell her the truth behind Sammi’s departure as they said they did not know what happened to him.

Paloma then began to tell the Barnmates about a housemate that betrayed her. It was very clear to everyone who she was referring to, even though she didn’t mention any name.

Paloma will be missed in the house for her action when in full Johnny Walker mode or when given her “woman of God” treatise.

The barn which is now the new Big Brother loser’s house is on fire as Flirtyana, better known as Tatiana, Sheila and Hannington are in full-romp mode.
A night does not go by without a whole lot of alcohol-fuelled sexual ‘‘innuendo” going down.

Meanwhile, Uti is this week’s head of house and not many housemates like him as head especially Kaone who always fights with Uti who disrespects Kaone calling him a monkey.

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