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US marks September 11


The United States of America today commemorates the terrorist attacks that devastated the world’s super power on September 11 2001 killing over 3 000 people.

According to media reports, at 8:46am EST at a New York ceremony, there will be silence to mark the moment a plane struck the World Trade Center tower.

Silence will fall again – four times – during the ceremony to mark each of the two plane strikes directed by Islamic radicals and the times that each of the two towers fell.

At the Pennsylvania field where the terrorist-directed United Airlines Flight 93 crashed en route to the nation’s Capital, First Lady Michelle Obama and former First Lady Laura Bush will speak during a ceremony to commemorate the event.

President Barack Obama will be at the Pentagon to commemorate the tragic moment when a fourth terrorist-guided plane crashed into central headquarters of the nation’s armed forces.

In every corner of America, some who were touched personally by the tragedy and many who watched it on television will commemorate the day, ringing bells, offering prayers and serving others.

Here are some examples of how the commemorations will be held in some communities throughout America.

In Conway, Arkansas, the Foster Grandparents Programme is encouraging city leaders and community residents to read to children as part of the 9/11 National Day of Service initiative.

Jackson, Mississippi will have several events, including a day of service.

The Jackson Inner City Gardeners will clear debris from a plot for a future 19-acre garden site at Medgar Evers Boulevard and West Northside Drive.

The work will begin around 7:45am on Saturday and end at 11:45am Rockland, Massachusetts, will have an “America Supports Your Freedom” walk at 7pm at the Bicentennial Track on Reed Street.

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