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Teenage girl raped at father’s workplace


A 12-year-old Hurungwe girl who had visited her father at his workplace in Harare for the just-ended school holidays was allegedly raped by a 59-year-old man, who lived at the house where her father worked as a caretaker.

The incident allegedly took place at a house in Westlea last week and John Nechironga, the alleged culprit, appeared in court yesterday where he was remanded in custody.

When schools closed for the holidays in August this year, the teenage girl visited her father in Harare.

The state alleges that Nechironga was visiting his son at the same house as the girl’s father.

On the day in question, Nechironga’s son left for work, leaving behind his father at the house.

The girl’s father also left his room and went to work on the same premises, leaving his daughter sleeping inside.

Nechironga allegedly covered his face with a curtain in an effort to conceal his identity, left his son’s room and crept into the room where the girl was asleep.

The state alleges that he woke the girl up and covered her face with a piece of cloth before grabbing her by the neck and forcing her to lie on the bed.

Nechironga allegedly threatened the girl with death if she screamed and raped her.

The following day the girl reported the matter to her father who reported the matter to police, leading to Nechironga’s arrest.

Meanwhile, a 16-year-old Goromonzi boy appeared before regional magistrate Daniel Shonhiwa facing charges of abusing a three-year-old girl last Friday.

The boy allegedly asked the girl to accompany him to the river where he purportedly wanted to wash his clothes.

When he got to the river, he allegedly grabbed the girl and took her to a nearby bush where he put her on his laps and told her they would play a game known as “kazuda”.

The state alleges that the teenage boy then raped the girl.

The offence only came to light when the girl’s mother discovered a whitish substance oozing out of the girl’s private parts while bathing her.

The child revealed that she had been raped and a report was made to the police, leading to the boy’s arrest.

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