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Akon fans had to endure another hour of waiting after Sean Paul finished his act a few minutes after midnight.

Akon only got onto the stage at around 1:20am Sunday.

Scores of people had managed to manoeuvre their way to the backstage which had been strictly prohibited even to the media.

As soon as he got onto the stage, the crowd went wild; even those who were seated on the terraces rose up in an eerie outburst of excitement.

Akon put up a great performance, one that many will undoubtedly remember forever.

He was however disappointed with the lighting as he wanted to see the fans.

“Please put on the lights up there, even the stadium lights, God . . . put something on coz I need to see my beautiful fans,” he said before singing the much-loved song Beautiful.

Although technicians failed to fix the lights, Akon went on to put up a great show.

He then surprised revellers when he went back stage and came back inside a plastic bubble-ball singing his latest hit Party Animal and rolling on top of fans who all wanted to touch the ball.

Later when he got out of the ball, he dived into the audience as was promised “The Golden Circle” ticket buyers.

Most people left when he finished his performance at approximately 2:46am Sunday, save for a few who waited for Alick Macheso’s performance which started at 3am.

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