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All-female collaboration releases new album


Some of Zimbabwe’s hottest divas recently released a five-track album titled WoCalling.

The project was a collaboration effort with a Norwegian music teacher at the Zimbabwe College of Music and gifted jazz vocalist Cecelie Giskemo, from the group Royst.

Prudence Katomeni-Mbofana and Dudu Manhenga of Colour Blu are among some of the talented songbirds in the group.

Rute Mbangwa, Kundisai Mtero of the women’s a cappella group African Voice, Hope Masike, Adiona Maboreke and Aura Kawanzura, Nicholas Monroe, and Cynthia Marangwanda are also part of the collaboration.

“We started this group early this year, with the aim of just doing a performance for Hifa but since then we have been asked to perform together at various venues like The Mannenburg and Book Café,” said Masike.

She said they were all going to remain as solo artists and only come together when need arose.

The group, also called WoCalling, has well-coordinated tracks like Pictures from a poem by Chenjerai Hove and S.H.E., a song mixed with poetry that uplifts womanhood.

Other tracks include Ndirikukufunga, Hondo and Birds. The album also includes a bonus track which is the poem S.H.E. by Aura and Monroe.

The collaboration was also part of celebrations where the singers came together under the theme “Women of the World” in an extended commemoration of the International Women’s Day.

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