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Ngulube finds comfort in live shows


Dumi Ngulube continues to draw huge crowds to his shows following his decision to quit commercial music production in protest against the scourge of piracy that has afflicted Zimbabwe’s music industry.
The prolific jazz artist and Amagents front man staged a sold-out show at Nyamachoma – the Kraal over the weekend.
“You see my brother, we will continue with our music without any need to commercially produce music for pirates to make their living. It takes a lot of money, time and energy to make an album and for what? The issue of piracy has to be addressed first if we are to consider a commercial album production again,” he said during his break on the show.
Ngulube, who last released an album during the festive season of 2007 called Afro-dictionary with award-winning producer Flash Gordon, threw in the towel after he discovered a pirated MP3 with all his music being sold at $1 in Kadoma.
He had also noticed that his music was being sold behind his back on napstar.com but he had not received anything from those online sales neither did he know who was benefiting.
“The money any artist in Zimbabwe can make in a single show or let’s just say in a month will be far much more than anything one can receive from album sales in the country at the moment,” Ngulube said.
Scores of people filled the Ethnic Gocha venue Nyama Choma and sang along to most of the jazz crooner’s songs as they enjoyed African delicacies such as madora, sadza rezviyo, sadza remhunga, liver and dried meat in peanut butter.
David Mashumba, known in the entertainment circles as Diva $, who is now promoting and managing Amagents, said the show was evidence that people love real music and they would attend live shows.
“It is very encouraging to see a show attended by so many people including my friend Josh Hozheri (owner of Jazz 105). Dumi is a talented man but he was just lacking finances and management but now that I have him under my wing, everything will progress in a good direction,” said Diva $.

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