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Let the party begin!


As the weekend draws closer, the partying and rocking can begin now, and the place to be will be at the ideal host Pamberi Trust.

Tonight, theatre lovers will be able to take an up-close and personal look at the goings-on at the high table on the Wedding Day of Sabrina and Nelson.

As the day progresses, hidden agendas begin to emerge as tensions rise at the high table threatening to spoil an otherwise happy day. This will be happening at the Mannenberg.

Still tonight, book lovers are also in for a treat as Irene Chikaka is going to launch her novel, God Smiled On Me, which tells a story about true love and faith that gives birth to a woman of great strength.

But it’s not all about acting and reading, for music is also in order.

Alexio and his outfit Shades of Black – who have won the hearts of Zimbabweans with hits from his latest Afro-pop album, Kana – will be playing tonight at the same venue.

Tomorrow the partying continues.

Mawungira Enhariria, the mbira masters, will be doing what they know best, giving you traditional yet versatile music to take you back to your roots.

Or perhaps if a fine blend of music and poetry is what rocks your world, then get ready for an afternoon of pure enjoyment as the sisters will be doing their thing at the Book Café in the Sistaz Open Mic.

And the beautiful songstress, Diana Samkange, would be on the standby to ease you into an evening of pure enjoyment with her soulful ballads, featuring the hits Kumagumo Erudo and Chitsidzo.

The same evening at the Mannenberg, Victor Kunonga will also be doing what he knows best, and if you are an Afro-jazz fan, then songs from his album, Handinete, will just be what you need.

Reggae lovers, too, can expect to be rocked away into the night by Transit Crew. Indeed, big tings ah gwaan!

So, make a date!

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