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MDC-M wrangle sucks in grassroots


The MDC-M Bulawayo District youth executive has passed a vote of no confidence on the party’s provincial youth executive as the battle for control of the party spilled to the grassroots structures.

The move follows internecine outbursts between MDC-M leader Arthur Mutambara and his secretary–general Welshman Ncube over who should take over the leadership of the party.

Insiders yesterday said the district youth executive passed the vote of no confidence against the provincial leadership because its leader was believed to be loyal to Mutambara.

The party revealed that eight of the 12 district youth chairpersons in Bulawayo met over the weekend and passed a vote of no confidence in the provincial youth executive led by Shepherd Ndlela.

The district chairpersons are reported to have raised issues to do with the executive’s non-performance and general failure to represent youths fully in the province.

However, sources said the reasons advanced for the removal of Ndlela were a mere smokescreen because he was seen as a stumbling block in the province’s desire to have Ncube take over from Mutambara.

‘‘Ndlela is a Mutambara loyalist and this does not augur well in our scheme of things here in Bulawayo.

We want Ncube to take over,’’ said a source in the youth provincial executive. “People from Mashonaland are trying to tribalise the issue as they refer to it as the Ndebele agenda, but we do not care. We have seen that shying away from that label has destroyed our party. We cannot always be deputies. As Gibson Sibanda said, is there anywhere in the Bible where it is written that people from this region (Matabeleland) should always be deputies?’’

Ndlela is reportedly supported by the party’s provincial chairperson for the main wing Abednico Moyo, who is also said to be in the Mutambara camp and both are reported to have unsuccessfully tried to overturn the vote of no confidence decision.

Yesterday Ndlela said: “I cannot comment on the party’s internal affairs. Talk to Qhubani Moyo (national organising secretary of the youth wing) or (Ellen) Shiriyedenga (national secretary-general of the youth wing).’’

Sources said Shiriyedenga, also from Bulawayo, is rooting for Ncube and she is said to have endorsed the vote of no confidence against the Ndlela executive. Shiriyedenga confirmed receiving the letter.

“Actually we received the letter and the executive will set a date to look at the situation,’’ she said. “The reasons advanced in the letter relate to under-performance and lack of adequate representation by the particular executive.’’

Shiriyedenga denied that the issue related to the battle between Mutambara and Ncube.

Ncube recently indicated that he wanted to contest for the party’s presidency while Mutambara said the issue was a non-event.

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