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Ignore Sibanda – PM Tsvangirai


Prime Minister Morgan (PM) Tsvangirai Wednesday said the nation should ignore comments of threats on his life by controversial war veterans’ leader Jabulani Sibanda and instead urged the nation to pray for his “poor soul.”

Tsvangirai, who is also MDC-T president, said Sibanda’s comments were unfortunate and regrettable before urging peace loving Zimbabweans to assist
the man behind President Robert Mugabe’s million men march in 2007.

Tsvangirai’s spokesperson James Maridadi told NewsDay last night that the premier would not demean his office by responding in detail to Sibanda machinations adding: “He (Sibanda) knows not what he is doing.”

Maridadi was responding to a statement by Sibanda that equated the prime minister to a fly that can be swatted against the wall anytime if the need arose.

“People should just ignore Sibanda,” Maridadi said.

“He is too much of a small boy for the prime minister to respond to him.

He has always been rabid of the prime minister and should not be dignified with a response.

He (Sibanda) is nowhere near the Prime Minister’s level so to ignore him will be the best.”

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