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Copac drivers down tools


Drivers employed under the constitution-making process in Matabeleland South yesterday temporarily downed tools demanding their outstanding salaries.
The disgruntled drivers refused to take Copac outreach teams to venues of their meetings, leaving the teams stranded in Bulawayo.
Copac co-chairperson Edward Mkhosi confirmed the strike by the drivers and said the drivers were demanding outstanding salaries they said have not been paid for a while.
Mkhosi said the drivers’ reasons for going on strike were genuine and needed to be dealt with amicably.
“The truth is that we are all waiting for money from Treasury, including drivers and members of the outreach teams,” Mkhosi said. “They are still owed some money, but the truth is that right from the top person to the lowest, we are all owed money by Copac.”
Mkhosi said the other reason drivers were disgruntled was because they have not signed any contracts up to now.
He said he had already asked the drivers to be patient as head office in Harare was working flat out to resolve the salaries and allowances issue.
“When we entered into these contracts, we knew that Copac did not have adequate funding for the whole process, and we knew we had to be patient,” Mkhosi said.
A legislator deployed with Copac teams in Matabeleland South said he had observed that drivers were really suffering during the outreach visits.
The legislator said the drivers were only paid $200 since the outreach programme started and some had already exhausted the funds.
“They are supposed to get an allowance of $15 every day, but since the outreach process started, they have only been paid $200 and Copac owes them a lot of money,” said an MP, who refused to be named.

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