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Copac officials booted out of Orange Grove Motel


Members of the constitutional outreach programme in Chinhoyi were on Tuesday ejected from a hotel they were staying in for non-payment amid reports that other hotels in the province have threatened to do the same.
Twenty-one members of Copac housed at Chinhoyi Caves Motel were thrown out and relocated to a nearby Roman Catholic Church.
Orange Groove Motel in Chinhoyi has also threatened to evict Copac officials living there.
The Copac officials told NewsDay the embarrassing incident could force them to abandon the project.
The team said what made their plight worse was the unavailability of food and they have resorted to scrounging because their allowances had not been disbursed.
“Something has to be done about our plight. We are dedicated to this programme but Copac should reciprocate our efforts,” a team member who declined to be named said.
“We have not been getting food at all and we wonder how we are supposed to continue working.”
Contacted for comment yesterday, Copac co-chairperson Douglas Mwonzora, said he was aware of the cases of evicted outreach teams but it was true that the hotels had not been paid.
He said there were some outstanding payments because the respective hotels only submitted bills for 25 days instead of the entire 65 days of the outreach programme.
“United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is responsible for paying 25 % of the bills for the entire constitution making process. So when they were processing the payments they only released money relating to the invoices submitted,” he said.
“I believe Copac and the hotels should equally share the blame.”
Mwonzora said he has been advised that UNDP is now in the process of dealing with the matter.

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