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Forget about salary hikes you’re earning enough-Ncube


Gweru — Industry and International Trade minister Welshman Ncube (pictured left) says workers in Zimbabwe are earning higher salaries than their regional counterparts and the economy cannot sustain any more salary increases.
But these workers face higher costs in an environment characterised by US dollar hyperinflation. The minister, whose employees in government, including him, earn an average $200 a month made this controversial statement at a commerce conference in Gweru this week.
He said he was surprised that bargaining bodies were still busy negotiating wages after a recent 35% wage increase awarded to the private sector last month.
“The ministry (industry and international trade) is concerned that the cost of labour in the country is far too high.
“We find it incomprehensible that we still have collective bargaining in the country,” Ncube said.
“Just last June a 35% wage increase was awarded to workers by a wage tribunal, backdating (the increments) to September last year.”
Ncube’s concerns seemed to dovetail with suggestions by the International Monetary Fund recently that government should slash wages for both the public and private sectors.
“While the workers could be excited by momentary extra dollars in their pockets, they would be jobless as the salaries are unsustainable” Ncube said.

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