Farmer wants Matonga to return property


A Chegutu commercial farmer Thomas Irvin Beattie is demanding the return of his farm equipment with a replacement value of more than $845 000 he claims was stolen former Deputy Minister of Information and Zanu PF MP for Mhondoro-Ngezi Bright Matonga.
Beattie has taken the matter to the High Court where he has cited the Minister of Land, Land Reform and Resettlement Herbert Murewa as the second defendant.
In papers deposed with the court Beattie says: “The 1st defendant (Matonga) was allegedly allocated a certain portion of land under the land reform programme that used to be owned and farmed by the plaintiff (Beattie).
“However, the farming equipment and scrap metal described in the annexure was not acquired in terms of the relevant (law),” it reads.
Beattie accuses Matonga of taking unlawful possession of his property.
He says in the event that Matonga has disposed all the farm equipment, he wants compensation at fair value.
“Should the 1st defendant (Matonga) have disposed, consumed, destroyed or otherwise lost some or all of the listed equipment and scrap metal, he is liable to compensate the plaintiff (Beattie) a fair market value as described in the schedule, of such equipment and scrap metal as has been consumed, destroyed or otherwise disposed of,” he said.
A four page list is attached to the papers which indicate the farming equipment and scrap metal which is allegedly to be in Matonga’s possession. The market value of all the equipment is $609 278 whereas the replacement value is $845 900. However, the defendants have signed a notice to defend.
Some of the items being demanded include ploughs, planters, canal pump stations, irrigation pipes, sprayers among an array of other accessories.